January 2016 Newsletter is Posted

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Our January 2016 Newsletter is posted. We have a great series of articles covering everything from book reviews, to backpacks, to new products.

In This Month’s Newsletter

– Greetings
– Instagram
– Stuff I Like This Month
– Workshop Updates
– Our Newest Book: The Nikon Autofocus System
– Book Review: The Digital Negative, 2nd Edition
– Book Review: Jay Maisel, Light, Gesture & Color
– Long Term Gear Report: Naneu K5 v2 80L Backpack
– Workshop and Business Updates

Jan 16

Check it out here: Visual Adventures January 2016 Newsletter

April 2015 Newsletter is Posted

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Our April 2015 Newsletter is posted here: http://visadventures.com/newsletters/2015-04-newsletter/

In this month’s newsletter:

– Greetings
– New Books
– Stuff I Like This Month
– Studio Tips: Seven Things I Learned by Photographing 500 People
– Digital Tidbits: Don’t Forget These 3 Things in the Lightroom Develop Module
– Digital Tidbits: New Software Options in 2015
– Workshop and Business Updates


Check out our April 2015 newsletter for three big articles, new business updates, and tips related to new products in the photo market. One of the articles covers tools you should be using in Lightroom 5, 6 and CC. We also have an article comparing of all the new photo processing software available in 2015 including Apple Photos, Nikon Capture NXD, Nikon View NX-i, Affinity Photo, Lightroom CC. Our third article is dedicated to what I learned when photographing 500 people for a church directory. I give some great tips for setting up a studio on location, posing, and working with the public.

Read it here: April 2015 Newsletter

January 2015 Visual Adventures Newsletter is Posted

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Our January 2015 Newsletter is posted here: http://visadventures.com/newsletters/2015-01-newsletter/

This month we have lots of great topics including a review of the Nikon D750 in Tanzania, a review of the Uplift adjustable height desk, a Lightroom tutorial and more.

In This Month’s Newsletter

– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: B-Roll and Secondary Subjects
– Field Report: Using the Nikon D750 In Africa
– Product Review: Uplift Desk
– Digital Tidbits: The Lightroom Solution for Cloudless Skies
– Workshop and Business Updates


January 2014 Newsletter Posted

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The January 2014 Visual Adventures newsletter is live over at our newsletter page here:


In this month’s newsletter:

– Greetings
– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: Direct the Viewer’s Eyes
– New Camera: Nikon Df
– Digital Tidbits: Photoshop CC Perspective Warp
– Story From the Field: The Eagle That Refused to Die
– Book Review: Dynamic Posing Guide
– Workshop and Business Updates

Some of the places we've been over the last few months. Utah, Tanzania, Maui, Tucson, Pullman, and Sedona.

Some of the places we’ve been over the last few months. Utah, Tanzania, Maui, Tucson, Pullman, and Sedona.


September 2013 Newsletter Posted

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Our September 2013 newsletter is posted with lots of tips, new workshops, and one or two new photos. In this month’s newsletter:

– Stuff I Like This Month
– August GOAL Assignment: In-Camera Processing
– Digital Tidbits: Four Things (Almost) Every Photo Needs in Lightroom 5
– Photo Techniques: Autofocus Tracking with a Cluttered Background
– Photo Techniques: Vertical Panoramas
– Digital Tidbits: Quick Tip On File Renaming
– Workshop and Business Updates


Summer 2013 photos

Photos from summer 2013

July 2012 Newsletter

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Our Visual Adventures July 2012 Newsletter is posted here: July 2012 Visual Adventures Newsletter

Check out this month’s articles new products I like, processing JPGs as RAW files, and an eBook review from photographer Guy Tal.


February 2012 Newsletter Posted

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Greetings Photographers!
The February 2012 Out There Images newsletter is now posted at our website here:
– Thousands of Images, Now What?
– The Nikon Creative Lighting System – 2nd Edition
– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: Fill the Frame
– February GOAL Assignment: Purposeful Distortion
– Tether Tools Wallee iPad Mounting System
– Photo Techniques: Should I Take my Big Camera on Vacation?
– Product Review: Cardsharp Folding Pocketknife
– Workshop and Business Updates

January 2012 Newsletter Posted

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Our January 2012 newsletter is posted here: http://www.outthereimages.com/12_01_newsletter.html

January's GOAL Assignment is to fill the frame.

January's GOAL Assignment is to fill the frame.

Topics this month include an update on our new book (Thousands of Images), a review of Joe McNally’s new book (Sketching Light), tips on using Evernote and much more. Here’s the list:

– Thousands of Images, Now What?
– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: Fill the Frame
– Book Review: Sketching Light by Joe McNally
– Digital Tidbits: Evernote Service as a Photography Tool
– Photo Techniques: Dealing With Camera Condensation on Cold Days
– Workshop and Business Updates


October 2012 Newsletter Posted

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Hey photographers!

The Out There Images, Inc. October 2011 newsletter is posted over at the main website: http://www.outthereimages.com/11_10_newsletter.html

Topics this month include:

– Nikon 1

– New 2012 Workshops

– Stuff I Like This Month

– September GOAL Assignment: Serenity

– October GOAL Assignment: Clouds

– Photo Techniques: What to do About Filters?

– Workshop and Business Updates


July Newsletter Posted

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We have a shorter newsletter this month, but it’s still filled with great info! Click through to read about:

– Galapagos 2012
– Stuff I Like This Month
– June GOAL Assignment Winner
– July GOAL Assignment: From Afar
– Sick Shooting: Photography While Under the Weather
– Workshop and Business Updates

July GOAL Assignment: From Afar

July GOAL Assignment: From Afar

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