Don’t Underestimate Your Point and Shoot

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I spend a lot of time teaching, discussing and writing about dSLR cameras, but there are many times where a simple point and shoot will get the job done well. My favorite point and shoot camera right now is the Canon G9. I’ve had this for about a year and have really grown to like it because of all the manual controls available. Canon has since come out with the G10, and it also is a fantastic camera. 

Take these two photographs for example. The first one of the palm tree was taken about 6am in Arizona a couple months ago. The colors are saturated, the tree is sharp and the image is fantastic. More than enough information here for publication in a book, magazine or a nice large wall print. 

Arizona palm tree at sunrise

Arizona palm tree at sunrise


The second image is taken out of the window of a jet liner as I flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Again, great colors, great contrast and a nice overall shot.


Arizona landscape from the air


When I need to travel light, I’ll bring along my point and shoot rather than my dSLR. I pretty much always travel with a camera wherever I go and find that I don’t miss very many photo opportunities as long as I have a point and shoot in my pocket. When taking photos is your passion, using a high quality point and shoot can help produce great photographs just about anywhere.

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