Nikon D5000

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Nikon just announced a new camera, the Nikon D5000. It is a 12MP camera with 720p HD video and an articulated screen. 

The camera is fundamentally a cross between a D60 and a D90. It shares the same autofocus module and imaging sensor as the D90 in a body about the size of the D60. I think the best innovation here is the articulated screen. I’ve found that when shooting video on the Nikon D90, viewing the screen can be somewhat difficult. Now with an articulated screen, it will be much easier to view the camera when it is down low or up high. 

Pricing for the D5000 will be around $730 – not bad for a 12MP SLR with HD video!


Nikon D5000 SLR



(Image copyright Nikon)

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