Nikon D3X and D3S Custom Menu Setup Guides Posted

Posted January 20th, 2010 by   |  Photography  |  Permalink


Hey Nikon D3X an D3S shooters. I’ve posted menu setup guides for your cameras here:

You can also find setup guides for most of the other popular Nikon dSLR cameras on this page.

Nikon D300s Setup Guide Posted

Posted January 16th, 2010 by   |  Photography, Software  |  Permalink


I’ve posted the setup guide for the Nikon D300s menus. This setup guide shows you how I set up my custom menus for banks A, B, C and D. I’ve also posted the corresponding *.BIN file for downloading here:

Scroll down the page to about the 3/4 mark to find the new guide.

I also have menu setups for many of the other Nikon dSLR camera bodies posted on the same page.

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