Storm at the Ocean

Posted April 17th, 2009 by   |  Photography, Travel  |  Permalink

Last week, my family and I went out on an adventure to the Washington State coast to celebrate spring break. It rained the entire time, the temperature was about 40 F and the wind was blowing 15 – 45 mph for the duration of the trip. My kids and I braved the beach a few times, but spent most of the time inside our condo, watching the storm and the waves. 

When I run workshops, I always talk about how the best photographs happen in the worst weather. It seems like at many of the workshops I lead, I end up taking people out into bad conditions, only to come home with beautiful images. This time at the beach with my family, there was one single sun break in three days of our trip and I had my camera ready to go. The clouds opened up, the sun burst came through and I shot four photographs. In an instant, the light was gone and the rain was back. 

What a great lesson again for me that I need to keep my camera with me at all times, no matter what the weather is like!

Here are two versions of the same photograph. The first is the black and white conversion. The second is the original color version. Both were photographed with the Nikon D700 and touched up in Capture NX 2. 



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