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Spider Holster Gear


I’d like to point you to a piece of gear that makes my photography easier. About six months ago I started using a new strap and holster system for working in the studio made by Spider Holster. In fact, I like their equipment so much that I’ve decided to join the Spider Ambassador team.

The Spider Holster system is a camera holster that uses a mounting plate on the camera that clips into a specially designed hip belt. It is an excellent ergonomic solution that puts all the weight of your camera comfortably on your hips. For my purposes, I use the Spider system in the studio for photographing models, shooting still life (products), or teaching live photography workshops.


The system is made out of stainless steel and hardened aluminum. The holster has a two-position lock that is exceptionally secure. I’ve never had it fail and I move around a lot in the studio! My previous life was working as a mechanical engineer, so I always appreciate the skill required to design and produce a top quality product.


Top 5 Reasons

Here are my top five reasons why I use and recommend the Spider Holster:

1. Works great in studio. It flows with my movement and allows me to stand on step stools or crouch down low to the ground. The fact that the Spider Holster holds the camera low on the hip means that it is totally out of the way.

2. Allows me to keep my hands free to work with the model and the props and the lighting equipment.

3. Rock solid. I have complete trust in the gear and don’t have to use any mental energy fumbling around with the attachment system.

4. Interfaces easily with my tethering equipment. I use Tether Tools gear in my own studio work and when I do live classes with CreativeLive.

5. The Spider Holster works with my standard Arca Swiss plates so I can quickly switch between hand-held and tripod photography.

Since I’m an ambassador, they gave me a discount code to pass onto my readers. Simply use this code when ordering to receive 20% off any purchases from their website – https://spiderholster.com/ .

Discount Code – HAGEN20

Here’s the gear I personally recommend

SpiderPro Single Camera System


TheSpiderPro single camera system.

SpiderPro Dual Camera System


The SpiderPro Dual camera system.

Spider Pro Large Lens Pouch


Spider Holster Large Lens Pouch.

Ambassador Information


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