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At some point, just about every photographer comes to a point when they decide it is time to take their photography to the next level. Personalized, one-on-one photography lessons can be one of the best ways to dramatically improve your photography or workflow.

Every month Mike Hagen runs private photography workshops for people who want to learn in a one-on-one environment. These are great for folks who want to focus on specific topics related directly to their interests. In fact, the agenda is set by you based on exactly what you want to learn. Before the workshop, Mike will discuss with you via telephone or email the focus of the lesson(s) and then puts together a training sheet to guide the training session.

Mike is a digital expert and knows how to teach in a way that just makes sense. He’s been running private workshops for years and has worked with everyone from rank amateurs to well-established professionals. Most private sessions are scheduled for a full day and are held at our office or at a location we agree to. Prices are $850 for a full day for instruction at our office in Gig Harbor, WA USA. For instruction outside of Gig Harbor, the rate is $950 per day (1/2 day rate for travel days + expenses including airfare, hotel, meals, etc.). Many spouses and family members have given a day of instruction as a present to their loved one.

Mike also offers hourly consulting over the telephone, Skype, Google Hangouts and other on-line meeting technologies. Prices are $125 per hour.

Here’s a short list of topics Mike has worked with others in the past:
– Camera gear instruction
– Learning your camera, lenses, filters, etc.
– Portfolio review
– Understanding exposure and composition
– Wireless and off-camera flash
– Preparing for a big vacation or trip
– Lightroom
– Photoshop
– Aperture
– Software plug-ins and 3rd party applications
– Mobile photography (iPhone, Android)
– Available light portraiture
– Large format inkjet printing
– Wedding photography
– Product photography
– Mastering your Nikon
– Mastering your Canon
– Mastering your point and shoot
– DSLR video
– Creating slideshows
– Color management
– Africa safari preparation
– Nature photography
– Digital workflow and digital asset management
– Macro photography
– Studio lighting
– Location portraiture and many others.

Call (253) 851-2270 or email ([email protected]) if you have questions about private instruction or if you would like to schedule a date.

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What customers are saying:

Hi Mike:

The thanks is all to you for the comprehensive private tutorial and “hands on” lab in vivo, reminiscent of my Reed College Physics Semester Class Phys120. Yesterday was like taking a seminar from a “Richard Feynman” of photography art and mechanics.

Grateful thanks and appreciation,

– Larry.



Thank you so much for such a wonderful class! I learned so much and you explained everything so well. I certainly feel more confident with my lighting skills now that I have learned more about the TTL system. Also, I bought your book and it explains TTL better than anything I’ve read so far. You must be very proud of it! Well, Thanks again and perhaps we will cross paths again someday.

– Leah H


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