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We have a new book title coming out during March 2012 called Thousands of Images, Now What? One of our newsletter readers asked a great question about the book:



I’m fascinated with your new book to be, “Thousands of Images, Now What?” Also the cover absolutely communicates the message of the book. Very nice.

However, there seems to be a different answer to that question, “Now What?,” depending on which software a person is going to use.

I’ve personally tried Aperture 3, Lightroom, iPhoto, View NX2, Capture NX 2 and Photoshop Elements 10, all of which I’ve used. However, my favorite is Aperture 3.

Could you give me a hint how you’re going to organize the book? Will you be surveying different post-production solutions and delineating the basics that they hold in common? Or what?

Of course, you can tell me to go jump in the lake and be patient until the book comes out.

All the best, David

Hi David –

I can’t have you jumping in the lake! That’s always bad for business, especially during winter.

My book is “software agnostic” meaning that I don’t focus on any one piece of software. Rather, I show examples throughout the book of Lightroom, Aperture, Media Pro, iPhoto, etc. Every person has different needs and personal preferences. The techniques I give pertain to Aperture as well as Lightroom. I laid out the book to show how to create an organized image collection that is independent from whatever software you use. That way, if you decide to change to Lightroom a few years down the road, your archive (images, keywords, metadata) will still be intact after the transition.

Let me know if this is the information you were looking for. If not, I’ll clarify further.

Best regards,

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