Rainbow in Galapagos

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Rainbow panorama

Rainbow panorama in the Galapagos. Image captured with a Nikon D800, 14-24mm f/2.8. Panorama stitched together using Photoshop.

Everyone loves a good rainbow shot. On the day of this photo, we were finishing up our epic Galapagos photo trip and getting ready to disembark our expedition yacht for the long flight back home. As we were packing our bags in the early morning, I poked my head out the window and saw a rainbow forming over the bay, just as the sun crested the eastern horizon. Always the photographer, I grabbed my camera and began shooting.

As our expedition yacht twisted around its mooring, different compositions came into play in the scene in front of us. First, the Ecuadorian Navy ammunition supply ship BAE Calicuchima steamed into perfect position at the base of the rainbow. I can only assume the sailors on board were looking for their own pot of gold. Then, some small fishing boats flitted through the scene on their way to shore to pick up bait. Finally, our own small pangas floated out from our expedition yacht into position in front of a double rainbow.

Like most things in photography, the scene quickly came and went. This rainbow stuck around for about ten minutes and changed in intensity as the sky went from a deep purple, to blue and then to pink. A few minutes later, at the peak of intensity, the rainbow formed into a double rainbow, then quickly disappeared along with the light mist.

Ecoventura Flamingo

Our expedition yacht, the Flamingo.

Pangas and rainbow.

Pangas and a double rainbow at sunrise in the Galapagos Islands.


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