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If you are like most photographers, you are heavily invested in Adobe software. Many shooters I work with use Adobe Photoshop CS5 or Elements while also using Lightroom 3 for their organizational needs. I use these products as well and have grown to firmly rely on them over the years. However, there are lots of other software manufacturers in the business and each have their niche. Many times another company’s products fit your needs a little better and that’s what I’ve found with Phase One’s software.


Phase One has been known for their high-end medium format digital backs for many years, but recently they have been putting quite a bit of effort into their software division. I am a regular user of their digital asset management software called Media Pro 1 and recommend it highly for professional photographers. I also recommend it for photographers who are serious about organizing their photo, video and audio libraries since the program does such a great job of helping you organize your digital life.

Media Pro 1

Media Pro 1

Another of their newer software products is an iPad application that allows you to control your dSLR camera in the studio. Capture Pilot wirelessly interfaces with your computer to control a tethered camera and also provides beautiful photo reviews on the iPad screen.

I’ve written a number of articles on these programs over at the website. If you are interested in taking your workflow to the next level, give these articles a good read and evaluate for yourself if they make sense.

Media Pro 1 Article:

Capture Pilot Article:

Happy software shopping!

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