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Just received a great question from Danny regarding online data storage.

Danny writes:


Always appreciate and enjoy your newsletters.┬áDo you use and/or recommend/discourage any of the online backup/restore services like Carbonite or Mosy? I gotta do “something” beyond my on-site hard drive mirroring using external drives. Want to cover my assets in case of fire or theft.

I’d appreciate your thoughts when you get a few moments.



My response:

Hi Danny –

I don’t use the online backup places for one significant reason: the amount of time it takes to upload/download data. Even over the fastest internet connections, transferring 1TB of data can take multiple hours and days. If my on-site disk drive fails it usually happens when I need the data the most. These things always happen when you are finishing a project for a client or trying to meet a deadline. Remember, Murphy’s Law is always in effect! Because of this, I don’t want to wait days (or even hours) to download my backup information.

I think the best solution is to create an off-site drive that is a clone of your on-site hard drive. Bring your off-site drive into the office once per week for data synchronization. Then, move it off-site immediately for safe keeping.

If disaster strikes my on-site drive, then I can quickly go grab the off-site backup and be back up and running in a matter of one hour.

Best regards,


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