Nikon D800 Mirror Lockup Without Shutter Release Cable

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The more I use the Nikon D800, the more impressed I am with all of its capabilities. A new feature that I’ve recently discovered is using the shutter delay mode in conjunction with the Mirror Lock Up mode.

Macro photography is one of my favorite subjects to shoot and I typically use a shutter release cable in conjunction with the Mirror Lockup (M-Up) mode to ensure the sharpest photographs. Now, with the Nikon D800, you don’t necessarily need to use a cable release to activate the mirror lock up sequence. The D800 has a new menu item in CSM d4 that allows you to set a three second delay from when you press the shutter release button to when the camera actually takes the photo. If you combine this menu setting with the M-Up (mirror lock up) function, then you don’t necessarily need to trigger the exposure with the cable in order to reduce camera vibration. The three second delay allows you to press the shutter release button on the camera, then the camera waits three seconds before taking the picture. Therefore, any vibration from your finger will dissipate over those three seconds, resulting in a sharp image. This is a great hidden feature that I know you’re going to enjoy using. here’s a video to go along with the above description.

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