Nikon D5, D500, SB-5000, & KeyMission 360

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D5-D500-SB500-KeyMission-Comp-1200pxNikon has been busy this last year developing some amazing new camera gear. They have totally knocked it out of the park with the release of two new professional cameras, the Nikon D5 and D500. While the D5 is indeed an impressive new camera, the D500 is truly the new DX flagship camera that we’ve all been waiting for.

Nikon is still innovating in the DSLR market and have so far, at least publically, ignored the mirrorless professional market. I am one photographer who really likes shooting with DSLRs because of their excellent speed and top-notch autofocus. Time will tell what Nikon intends to do with the mirrorless world.

In addition to the two new cameras, Nikon also released a new SB-5000 flash and a new sports-action camera called the KeyMission 360. Read below for more details on all these new products.


This DX (small sensor) DSLR is truly a professional camera in a smaller body. Nikon shooters have been waiting many years for a Nikon D300/D300s replacement and we now have our new DX flagship camera that is a small version of the full-frame Nikon D5.

Nikon D500

The Nikon D500 is the new DX flagship.


This smaller camera is approximately the same size as a D750 or a D810 and utilizes the same autofocus system as the Nikon D5. This new AF module incorporates 153 autofocus points for almost full coverage of the entire frame. Additionally, quite a few of the sensors (15 to be precise) will operate at f/8 effective maximum aperture.


The native ISO range has been increased to 100 – 51,200. The D500 also uses expanded ISO options of Hi-1, Hi-2, Hi-3, Hi-4, and Hi-5. Hi-5 is an equivalent of ISO 1,640,000!


In the interest of speed and high ISO performance, Nikon has chosen a 20.9 MP CMOS sensor for the D500. I would have liked to have seen more pixels, but 20.9 is perfectly adequate for almost all shooting scenarios we come across. I’ve become used to the 36 MP sensor on my D800, but I also shoot quite extensively with my 24 MP D750 and find its resolution just fine.

High Speed Continuous

Again, working to claim its title as a professional DX camera, the D500 will shoot at 10 frames per second. Nikon claims the camera will sustain 10 FPS for a total of 79 shots in a row while shooting 14-bit compressed RAW using an XQD card. That’s unheard of in a camera this size. Truly amazing. Kudos to Nikon.

Tilting Touch Screen

The D500 incorporates one of my favorite features of the Nikon D750; the tilting screen. The screen allows me to place the camera in awkward positions while still being able to compose during live view. The D500 monitor adds touch screen capability, a first in the DSLR world.

D500 touch screen

The new tilt screen on the D500 is touch sensitive.

Light Meter

Nikon has created a new light meter, increasing the resolution of the light sensor to 180,000 pixels. As many of you know, Nikon uses the light meter to work in tandem with the focus system, so this new light meter will be better suited for subject tracking and facial recognition.

Automatic AF Fine Tune

Nikon has created an internal automatic AF fine tune utility. Supposedly, it compares a live image on the CMOS sensor with a captured image, then fine tunes the focus for each specific lens.

XQD and SD Cards

Further tipping its hat to professional photographers, the D500 utilizes both XQD cards and SD cards. The XQD format is blazingly fast and allows transfer speeds of 400 MB/s write and 350 MB/s read. That’s over twice as fast as the current super-speed CF cards of 160 MB/s.

4K Video

For the video enthusiasts in the crowd, the D500 can shoot 4K video at 30p. It also shoots 1080p at a variety of frame rates. While shooting video, it has the ability to send 4K video to the memory card and an HDMI simultaneously.

Cost and Availability

The D500 is set to retail for $1,999.95 and should start shipping March 15, 2016.

More Information

D500 PDF Brochure


D500 at


D500 at


D500 Sample Photos


Pre-Order D500 at Adorama



The Nikon D5 is a professional FX (full-frame sensor) camera. At a price point of $6,500 USD, it is out of reach for most casual shooters, but does things that no other camera before it has done.

Nikon D5

The D5 is Nikon’s new professional flagship camera designed for ultimate performance.


The brand-new autofocus module is shared with the D500 and boasts 153 AF points. 99 of those are cross-type sensors. The center sensor will that operate down to EV -4, which allows full autofocus on moonlit nights.


The native ISO range of the D5 is 100 to 102,400. With an expanded ISO up to Hi-5, the system will take pictures at an ISO equivalent to 3,276,800. Yes, that’s ISO three million. Unbelievable.

Nikon D5 back

Nikon carries on its tradition of excellent ergonomics and a logical button layout.


The FX (full-frame) sensor comes in at 20.8 MP. This is a modest increase in pixel count from the D4s’ 16.2 MP sensor, but is sufficient for most everything a professional sports or action photographer might need.

High Speed Continuous

The D5 will shoot 12 frames per second with full AF and AE tracking. The frame rate increases to 14 FPS with the mirror locked up. In that scenario, the camera won’t track autofocus or exposure. The camera has a 200-frame buffer when shooting at 12 frames per second. With this performance, you can shoot for almost 17 seconds straight without stopping.

4K UHD Video

Along with the D500, the D5 offers 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video at 30/25/24p. It uses dot-by-dot readout, which means it doesn’t use the full frame when recording 4K video, so the crop factor ends up being about 1.5x. When shooting 1080p, the camera does use the full frame.

The great thing about video with this camera is that you are able to use the full range of ISO sensitivities while recording. This will allow ISO ranges from 100 to 3 million. Imaging shooting video in almost complete darkeness!

Light Meter

Nikon created a brand-new 180,000 pixel light meter for the D5 and D500 cameras. Coupled with the EXPEED 5 engine, this camera’s metering performance should be the best in Nikon’s history.

Touch Screen

The D5 uses a new touch screen monitor on the back of the camera. This LCD is 3.2 inches diagonal and 2.4 million dots of resolution. Unlike the D500, the screen doesn’t pivot, but the new touch functionality will dramatically improve navigation through pictures.

Memory Cards

The camera ships with one of two options for memory cards; either dual CF cards or dual XQD cards. Most professionals will probably opt for the dual XQD cards due to the increased speed they provide over CF cards. Nikon says the card slots are modular, so I’m guessing that you’ll be able to send the camera back to Nikon and swap out one module for the other.

Pricing and Availability

The D5 will retail at $6,500 USD and will be available March 15, 2016.

More Information

D5 at


D5 PDF Brochure


D5 Sample Photos


Pre-Order at Adorama CF Version


Pre-Order at Adorama XQD Version



This new flash packs more power than the SB-910 into a smaller form factor. Also, it adds radio control in addition to the standard infrared light-pulse system of the legacy creative lighting system (CLS).


The SB-5000 is more powerful and smaller than the SB-910.


More Groups

The cool thing about the new SB-5000 is it will now work with up to six groups while the previous CLS allowed three groups. It allows control up to 18 flashes within those 6 groups, so you’ll have no more excuses for not having enough flash control.

Backwards Compatable

The SB-5000 is backward compatible with the previous CLS control system, allowing it to use three groups in legacy CLS control with three groups in the new radio CLS control.

Radio Control

The operation of the new wireless radio control requires a Nikon D5 or D500 to send the signal with the optional WR-R10 wireless transceiver. Radio control allows the off-camera flashes to be positioned around corners and even outside the room. The previous system was IR light controlled, so all flashes had to be line of sight in order for the system to operate.


SB-5000 mounted on the Nikon D5.

Cooling System

Because the flash is smaller and more powerful, Nikon designed an internal cooling system to prevent overheating. Previous flashes like the SB-800, SB-900, and SB-910 would overheat or even shut down after firing multiple flashes in a row. Now, Nikon says the SB-5000 will shoot 120 continuous frames at 5-second intervals without overheating.

Price and Availability

The SB-5000 will retail for about $600 and will be available in March of 2016.

More Information

SB-5000 at


Pre-order at Adorama


KeyMission 360

This is an action camera built in a similar form factor as a GoPro, but with significant differences. The KeyMission 360 uses two cameras pointed in opposite directions. Each camera has a super-wide-angle lens so that the system captures a full 360 degrees of coverage while recording in 4K. You can edit the video so you have continuous spherical coverage of the action.

KeyMission 360

The KeyMission 360 action camera shoots spherical 4K video.

The camera is waterproof to 30 meters (100 feet) and shockproof to 2 meters (7 feet). It also has in-camera electronic image stabilization.


More Information


KeyMission at NikonUSA


Pre-order KeyMission 360 at Adorama


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    Donahoe said delivering alcohol has the potential to raise as much as $50 million a year. He mentioned how customers might want to, for example, mail bottles of wine home when they tour vineyards. Donahoe said his agency has looked at the possibility of using special boxes that would hold two, four or six bottles and ship for a flat-rate to anywhere in the country.

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    Early in the proceeding, Judge Lewis A. Kaplan asked him how he wanted to be addressed in court. Al-Libi, who spoke in Arabic and listened to the proceeding with help from a translator, said he preferred to be known as Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai.

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    That footage reinforced a business relationship betweenEdison and banking titan J.P. Morgan. Morgan happened to be theowner of Columbia and Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, hometo the trophy since it had been won from Britain in 1851 by theschooner America, the Cup’s namesake.

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    Education Secretary Michael Gove has defended the Daily Mail's freedom to publish the article, saying a free press is “raucous” and would hold politicians to account and “by definition, will sometimes offend”.

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    Will the Cadillac ELR’s luxury branding allow it to avoid a similar fate? We’ll have to wait and see, while Cadillac simultaneously hopes that Tesla doesn’t try to pour salt in the wound with a killer price cut of its own.

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    In the latest twist in a scandal that has tainted the reputation of the largest U.S. bank and led to calls for greater oversight of its chief executive, Jamie Dimon, the main target of the investigation is Javier Martin-Artajo, who worked in London as the direct supervisor of Bruno Iksil, the trader who became known as “the London Whale,” the sources said.

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    These set out that the two main campaign organisations, the pro-independence Yes Scotland and Better Together, which wants Scotland to remain in the UK, be allowed to spend up to £1.5 million. Meanwhile, the spending limits for the political parties would be linked to the share of the vote they achieved in the 2011 Holyrood elections.

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    On Monday, the White House said that Mr Obama would not involve himself in the justice department's decision on whether to pursue civil rights charges against Mr Zimmerman, a 29-year-old former neighbourhood watch volunteer.

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    Meiji and Thai Life announced the deal in separatestatements on Friday without disclosing the deal’s value. Aseparate source told Reuters that Meiji has agreed to pay about$700 million for the stake, confirming a Reuters report fromlast month.

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    Monocrotophos is banned by many countries, including theUnited States, the European Union nations, China, and, amongIndia’s neighbours, Pakistan. Sri Lanka only allowsmonocrotophos use for coconut cultivation.

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    “In the near term, back to school PC demand appears relatively soft and recent new hardware releases (Haswell) had little impact spurring incremental demand. Furthermore, we believe the corporate upgrade cycle will peak in the [second-half] 2013 as corporates complete Windows 7 transitions ahead of Microsoft’s ending support of Windows XP in early 2014.”

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    The so-called Mountain Fire has already burned across morethan 24,800 acres (10,000 hectares) of dry brush and timber andforced the evacuation of Idyllwild after destroying seven nearbyhomes and other property in the rugged San Jacinto range,authorities said.

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    “It’s too early to tell. There’s a lot of factors involved,” Ross said. “There’s a lot of energy here. The train came down on a fairly significant grade for 6.8 miles before it came into the town and did all the destruction it did.” He said the train was moving at 63 mph when it derailed.

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    “In 2008, you needed to buy a Botnet (network of infected computers) and set it up, it was quite sophisticated. Nowadays, every schoolboy can do this by … using forums and reading,” said Maxim Goncharov, a researcher at security firm Trend Micro.

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    But the commercial trash removal system has been an environmental and economic scandal for decades. In 1996, prosecutors indicted dozens of carting company executives, accusing them of running the garbage firms as branches of the Genovese and Gambino crime organizations. The mayor at the time, Rudy Giuliani, created a government agency, the Trade Waste Commission (now called the Business Integrity Commission), to weed out the crooks.

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    Property values are affected as soon as a lake is declared to have AIS. Resorts and other businesses suffer, guides switch their clients to other lakes and the infested lake has a sudden fall from grace in the fishing community.

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    “When you’re in a poorer situation,” he said, “the only thing you can do is have more children to take care of you when you’re old.” He dismisses religion as a factor by noting that the fertility rates in Myanmar’s Muslim-majority neighbors, Bangladesh and Malaysia, are similar.

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    This is a type of cookie which is collected by Adobe Flash media player (it is also called a Local Shared Object) – a piece of software you may already have on your electronic device to help you watch online videos and listen to podcasts.

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    Credit card use is not a dirty habit that should be shrouded in secrecy. Actually, it is our responsibility as adults to teach responsible credit card use so as our children grow into adults they understand both the hazards, and benefits of credit card use.

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    “We’ve talked about it, but we’ll sit down and actually have a real pow-wow around the dinner table,” Girardi said before the Yankees ended the season with a 5-1 win in 14 innings over the Astros. “It comes down to family. They are first, and whatever is best for group of us – not one individual, not me or just my wife or just one of my children – whatever is best for us as a group, that’s what we’ll decide to do.”

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    * American and British authorities moved a step further onWednesday in their investigation into the manipulation of thebenchmark interest rate known as Libor, fining the Britishfinancial firm ICAP Plc a combined $87 million for itsrole. ()

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    With the way Estrada was pitching, the Reds were fortunate just to hit the ball hard. Estrada fanned six in a row during one stretch. The Reds hit only one ball out of the infield from the second through the sixth innings, Zack Cozart’s routine flyout.

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    ** Malaysian plantation firm Felda Global Ventures HoldingsBhd has offered to pay 1.21 billion ringgit ($378.84million) for an unlisted planter, as it seeks to boost landassets and palm oil output after its listing last year.

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    In a letter to Russian authorities last week, Attorney General Eric Holder again requested that Russia turn Snowden over, stressing that he would not be tortured or face the death penalty if returned to the United States.

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    With some scattered fans wearing No. 13 jerseys, Rodriguez finished 0 for 4 in his first game at Yankee Stadium since last October. The sellout crowd of 46,545 let him have it the whole night, from the moment the lineups were announced to the time he looked at a slider for his third strikeout of the game.

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    “The Supreme Court’s decision to not hear our appeal thissession does not change anything,” Finance Secretary AdrianCosentino said in a statement, citing litigation pending inlower U.S. courts, which could lead to another request for highcourt review next year.

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    I think this is completely spin to try and recoup some of the true Tory supporters who are flocking to UKIP. It is not the 2 Eds that need to be blamed it is the Tory Party who has chosen to impose a lame duck and completely discredited PM on the country.

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    The item at the center of the Winfrey dispute was reportedly a Tom Ford Jennifer bag — named for Jennifer Aniston, a fan of the American designer. The version on sale at Zurich’s Trois Pommes was one of the higher-end models, priced at 35,000 Swiss francs ($38,000).

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    There’s another problem with holding out for more gun control as a solution to mass violence: It just won’t happen. As we saw in April, when President Obama’s gun control push went down in flames — despite overwhelming popular support in the wake of the Newtown massacre for expanding background checks — gun rights advocates have too much power in Congress to allow such measures to pass.

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    With the blessing of an influential advisory panel, federal regulators are closer to letting airline passengers use their smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other electronic gadgets during takeoffs and landings.

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    The announcement came a day after the venerable US newspaper published a Putin commentary in which the Russian leader painted himself as a peacemaker and lectured Washington for what he called a tendency to use “brute force” in international politics.

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    “Child labor is a serious problem in small-scale mines,” Tanzania’s deputy energy and minerals minister, Stephen Masele, told Reuters. “More advocacy is needed to ensure parents understand the importance of education for their children. We have been carrying out frequent surprise inspections at mines to crack down on this problem.”

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    Stripped of his parliamentary immunity and arrested in his office, he’s the first National Assembly member to face treason charges since South Korea became a democracy in the late 1980s. The crime carries decades in prison and, far less likely, the death penalty.

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    Republican House Speaker John Boehner and House MajorityLeader Eric Cantor reiterated a call for negotiations on Fridaybut did not indicate any change in their positions. HouseRepublicans have tried unsuccessfully to use the emergencyfunding bill to delay the new healthcare law and attachprovisions that would only fund certain government agencies.

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    The increase in usage of smartphones such as Apple Inc’s iPhone and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Galaxy has corresponded with a further drop in voice calls tothe lowest point since Ofcom’s predecessor Oftel beganregulating telecoms in the 1980s.

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    Sutin said, “In addition to the well-known emotional and economic costs, our results suggest that weight discrimination also increases risk of obesity. This could lead to a vicious cycle where individuals who are overweight and obese are more vulnerable to weight discrimination, and this discrimination may contribute to subsequent obesity and difficulties with weight management.”

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    Witty said this could include adopting more tiered pricing of medicines in China – an approach designed to make drugs more affordable in poorer countries. It is a model that GSK has used in other developing regions, including Africa.

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    “I’m not aware that there are any foreign companies who havesaid that they are hindered because the country doesn’t allow100 percent FDI,” said Mahesh Uppal, director at telecomsconsulting firm Com First (India).

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    Never mind, too, that only two new buildings have gone up in the district since 2001, or that the plan envisions adding a relatively modest amount of space to the gigantic tract over the course of decades. Its present 70-million square feet of office space would grow by a projected 6%.

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  • Sandy April 11th, 2021 6:22 am

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  • Wally April 11th, 2021 6:23 am

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  • Desmond April 11th, 2021 6:42 am

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  • Elvin April 11th, 2021 6:42 am

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  • Chang April 11th, 2021 7:00 am

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  • Ervin April 11th, 2021 7:19 am

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    Police are also checking reports of three missing fishing boats, with 25 men aboard. But 9 fishermen earlier reported missing on the central island of Catanduanes have all been accounted for, disaster officials said.

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    University of Delaware physicist Bakhtiyar Ruzybayev is the study’s corresponding author. UD scientists were the lead group for the construction of IceTop with support from the National Science Foundation and coordination by the project office at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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    Stosur, meanwhile, has reached her first final of the season, and will be vying for her first title since her US Open triumph. History is not on her side. She has never beaten Azarenka in eight career meetings.

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    US officials have long denied their part in the Iraqi chemical attacks, and have insisted that Hussein’s government failed to announce he was going to use the weapons. Retired Air Force Col. Rick Francona — a military attaché in Baghdad during the 1988 strikes — painted an entirely different portrait when he spoke to Foreign Policy.

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    “Now that financials and tech are relatively equal, that is an indicator that the market is very balanced at this point in time,” said Doug Cote, chief market strategist at ING U.S. Investment Management in New York. “Those have traditionally been the biggest two sectors.”

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