February 2013 Newsletter


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– Greetings
– Stuff I Like This Month
– Iceland and Africa 2013
– December/January GOAL Assignment: Groups
– February GOAL Assignment: Fitness Photography
– eBook Review: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom by Michael Clark
– Product Review: Sunwayfoto Tripod Head Leveling Base
– Digital Tidbits: Should You Use Adobe HDR Pro?
– Workshop and Business Updates

clearing storm

Clearing tornado storm clouds over Choctawhatchee Bay, Florda.

Welcome to the February 2013 Visual Adventures newsletter.

One thing that most shooters agree on is that photography helps us see the world with enhanced clarity. I find that just bringing my camera with me wherever I go heightens my senses and adds great joy to my adventure. At the same time, my cameras give me the perfect vehicle to remember my adventures in vivid color.

Quite a few years ago when Amazon.com was just getting off the ground, I remember an interview with CEO Jeff Bezos where he talked about how quickly his life was passing by. In order to better cope with the speed of life, he took a camera with him everywhere he went in order to create memories of each day’s activities. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to actually remember everything, so he self-documented his crazy life with photographs.

For me, photography is a livelihood as much as it is a passion. Like Jeff Bezos, I use photography to document my life. But more than that, I want to document the beauty and joy of everything I do. This world is full of negativity and divisiveness that add a dark pall over our daily activities. My goal is that my photography helps me, and those who view it, consider the simple joys of every-day life. A daughter’s smile. The serenity of a sunrise. The awe of a surging wave. The clearing of storm clouds. The bonds of friendship. Photography has the ability to transform all of these things into powerful imagery. Normally, these events are but a fleeting memory, but they are made permanent by the trip of my shutter.

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