November 2012 Newsletter


In this month’s newsletter:

2012 has proven to be a banner year for the camera industry, and more importantly for us consumers. I am impressed with the gear manufacturers as they are doing a stellar job of improving their camera lines at record pace. The competition between camera brands hasn’t been better or tighter than it is right now. Nikon, Canon and Sony have all produced amazing dSLR cameras while Fuji, Panasonic, Sony and Olympus are tearing up the mirrorless interchangeable lens market. There are so many excellent camera bodies out there that I’m struggling to keep track of them all.

At this point in time, my favorite camera, by far, is the Nikon D800. The more I shoot with it the more impressed I am with its capabilities. The dynamic range is incredible and the resolution is unmatched in a dSLR. Even though my hard drives are filling up quickly with the D800’s 36MP files, I’m pleased as punch with everything I’m getting from this camera. I can’t recommend it enough, and that is why it gets first place on my shopping guide at the end of this newsletter.

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