Greetings folks! I hope you have had a wonderful month and that you’ve challenged yourself to become a better photographer by getting out and taking some photographs! I had planned April to be a month for catching up on a bunch of projects as well as for starting new projects. Since I haven’t been going on large trips, I’ve been spending a lot of time photographing my home town and surrounding areas. My wife and children and I have gone on numerous bike rides, hikes, photo adventures and birthday parties. We had a great time hanging out together and generally enjoying each other’s company.

Of course, I’ve taken every opportunity to bring along my cameras in the hopes of capturing that perfect image. I never leave home without a camera and have come back from our family trips with some great photos of our adventures. Even though many of these shots will probably never be sold, they still mean a lot to my wife and I and bring smiles to our faces each and every day. That’s really the reason why I love photography so much! It brings a smile to my face every time I push the shutter release button. I enjoy the process, the hunt and the grand adventure.

I’m currently out in the Columbia River Gorge running our annual Art of Travel Photography Workshop this week. We are having a wonderful time photographing one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. Waterfalls, wild flowers, amazing vistas and great people all make for a wonderful experience. Some images from the trip are shown here to the left. I’ve also posted some more photos here:

May is shaping up to be a very busy month. After running the Art of Travel workshop in Hood River, I’m headed to the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell Montana from May 11 � 14 to photograph baby wildlife models ( Then, I’m headed up to Alaska to do some construction, service and mission work at a youth camp in Unalakleet, Alaska. I can’t wait to go back to this part of the world. I thoroughly enjoy it up there and all our efforts go to help kids in Alaska at CYAK (

Speaking of service trips, a good friend of mine, Jesse Uddenberg, is headed to Tanzania in July to work on a new project in an area called Korogwe (pronounced �cor � owe – gway�). I’ve donated many of my images for their website so they can better illustrate the region and their goals. Their purpose in Tanzania is to help develop the local infrastructure to enable people living in rural areas to get their produce to populated areas. They feel strongly that by helping develop the economy of the Korogwe region, people will be much better off in the long run. The Korogwe Project also has a Facebook page if you’d like to become a fan: Korogwe Project

Jesse and his team leaves in July and will stay until September. This first trip is a fact-finding trip to document the barriers that prevent goods from traveling from point A to point B. Hopefully, this trip will lead to many more trips in the future.

Capture NX 2 Book Shipping to Vendors
Good news for those of you who are waiting for our new book on Nikon Capture NX 2 titled Capture NX 2 After the Shoot. It has just shipped to stores as of Monday April 27 and should start arriving in your mail box this week. If you are interested in buying it from us, we’ll send you a signed copy. You can buy the book from us here: .

New Blog
We have a new blog up and running for Out There Images. Here’s the link:

I’ll be posting images, tips, trip reports, videos and other topics related to photography over at the blog. Check it out and feel free to leave your comments! We’ll have links to the blog posted on our website next week. For now, those of you who receive this newsletter are the only ones who will be able to find the blog.

Bad Experience with SanDisk RescuePRO Software License

I had an interesting experience with a software vendor last week that I’d like to pass on to you all. As most of you know, SanDisk makes memory cards for digital cameras and their memory products are very good. They also sell an image recovery software package called Rescue Pro Recovery Software. In September of 2008, I purchased this software for a Window’s computer that I owned at the time and have used it a few time to recover data from corrupted CF and SD cards.

I have since decommissioned that older computer, wiped the hard drives clean and transferred all my old software to a new computer. This included software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and other mainstream applications. In all cases except one, the software companies allowed the transferring of software licenses from my old computer to the new computer.

SanDisk would not allow the Rescue Pro product to be reinstalled on my new Windows computer. I emailed their customer support and asked for a license code for my new computer. They answered back and said that they only sell licenses for a single machine. I explained that I have decommissioned my old computer and have transferred all my other software to the new computer. They said �no, we only allow the software to be installed one time on one computer�. I wrote back again and explained that all of my other software vendors allow their software to transfer between machines and that I had wiped the drives clean on my old machine. I also explained that I had deleted all my software from that older computer, so the software would only be installed on one computer total.

Here was their final answer, quoted directly from an email from their customer service employee:

�…this is much like a lifetime warranty on a new muffler for your car. We�ll support your muffler needs as long as you have that car. Buy a new car, and we�re gonna say no, we are not going to move that muffler for you. When you sell your old car, add $40 to the price, leave that muffler on it for the new owner, and buy a new muffler for your new car. If you are keeping your old car, then you must still need that muffler on it.�

They compare their software to a muffler on a car? It is frustrating to have to buy a new software license even though the price isn’t that high. Regardless, I feel that their EULA (End User License Agreement) is a bit excesssive/restrictive and because of that I think you should know about it.

I guess the moral of the story is to always read the fine print in your software licenses. I can tell you this for sure, I won’t be buying or recommending SanDisk software in the future. I’d much rather support companies that promote flexibility with their products.

Joe McNally’s New Book: The Hot Shoe Diaries
Last month, Joe McNally ( published his new book, The Hot Shoe Diaries. I purchased a copy of the book and have read through it twice! I’ve found it to be a great inspiration for my photography and a catalyst to keep pushing my skill set. Joe is one of the masters of flash photography and I think everyone would do good by reading his book and learning from his wit and wisdom.

His book is focused on showing the thought process he uses for creating his photographs. It is truly a roller coaster of amazing photographs, thoughts, camera settings, rants, jokes, laughs, wisdom and enthusiasm. One thing is for sure, Joe tells it like it is. He doesn’t mince words and gets the point across in a way that is direct. I appreciate that greatly. He is good and it shows in this book.

The Hot Shoe Diaries is broken up into four sections. The first section called Nuts & Bolts is all about gear. Part II called One Light! shows how to light scenes with only one speedlight. Part III titled Two or More describes scenarios with two or more flashes. Finally, Part IV called Lotsa Light shows how to light scenes with multiple flashes. At the end of the book, Joe created an appendix that demonstrates what buttons to push for setting up the flashes in wireless remote mode, commander, as well as other modes.

Book Giveaway!
I liked Joe’s book so much that I purchased one for myself and another one to give away for a reader of this newsletter. I am also going to bundle his book with mine, called �The Nikon Creative Lighting System.� If you are signed up to receive our monthly newsletter via email, then you are already entered into the drawing. If you would like to be entered into the free drawing, then go ahead and sign up for our newsletter here: Click on the link that says �Sign Up For Newsletter.�

We will randomly pick an email address from our mailing list on May 20th, 2009. We’ll then contact you to let you know that you’ve won and mail out the copy of Joe McNally’s book right away. Results of the drawing will be posted on our Blog.

April GOAL Assignment: Warm and Cool
Your Get Out and Learn (GOAL) assignment for April was to take some photographs that incorporate both warm and cool colors. My hope was for you to get a better understanding of which colors work well together and which colors don’t.

Think of the most beautiful sunrise images you’ve seen and you will quickly find a consistent theme among them; they have beautiful oranges in the clouds and a beautiful blue sky in the background.

These photographs of sunrises look good to us because blue and orange are complimentary colors. Take a look at the color wheel graphic to the left and the concept of a complimentary color will start to make a little more sense. Notice how the warmer colors are on the opposite side of the cooler colors on the wheel.

So, why would a photographer care about complimentary colors? Because humans positively respond to the pairing of complimentary colors. We find it pleasing when we see designs, photographs and art work that incorporate these colors. In fact, when complimentary colors are placed next to each other, they appear to be brighter and more vibrant.

The use of complimentary colors is very common in graphic design as well as in the creation of logos for advertising. If you start paying attention to magazines, television, billboards, you’ll find complimentary colors showing up all over the place. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for you as a photographer to incorporate them in your photos.

Here’s something else that is very interesting: the complimentary color is roughly a mix of the two colors that form it. For example, orange is a mix of red and yellow. That’s why most sunsets around the world look so compelling. They are a subtle mix of colors spanning from yellow to orange to red. All three of those colors photograph well with blue, since blue is their complimentary color.

Sunsets and sunrises aren’t the only scenes that have warm/cool combinations of colors. Look at the other photographs I show to the left. One of them is a photograph of a local hotel with a blue sky in the background. The warm incandescent lights contrast nicely with the cool blue sky. The other interesting photograph is of the red/orange leaves against the blue sky. Again, warm and cool mix together to create a nice photograph.

So, the next time you are out taking photographs, think hard about finding combinations where you have warm and cool in the same scene. If you don’t immediately see it, then try harder! The tree leaves and blue sky photograph here is a perfect example of a photograph that I didn’t just �find�, rather I repositioned myself so that the leaves were positioned against the backdrop of the blue sky.

Once you start recognizing that warm/cool colors help create beautiful combinations, then you can start combining other color combinations from the color wheel such as yellow-purple and green-red. Let the color wheel be your guide to beautiful images!

May GOAL Assignment: Capture the Small Things
I was out photographing with a friend in Gig Harbor, WA ( a couple days ago and we found ourselves taking pictures of the big scene of Gig Harbor Bay with all the boats and the big blue sky. After a few minutes of photographing from a panoramic overlook that I’ve photographed from a hundred times before, I started looking for small details that helped to define the story of Gig Harbor. Out of the chaos of boats came this small vignette of Gig Harbor life – a boat’s dock line line tied to a dock cleat and then coiled up in a neat little circle (see photo to left).

Your GOAL (Get Out And Learn) assignment this month is to be on the lookout for the small things that you normally just walk past. Photograph these small things with the same care and attention you’d take when photographing the larger scene. Next month I’ll talk a little bit more about how important these little things are to your photography. I’ll also show a few new photographs to help illustrate the concept. Go!

Workshop Updates
We still have a couple of seats available for the Triple D Game Farm trip on May 11th if you are interested. Here is the link to sign up:

We’ve been adding new workshops through the Nikonians Academy for the rest of the year. We’ll be running them in lots of cities throughout the USA.

I’ve also been working hard at putting together two African Photo Safaris in 2010. The first will be in May 2010 and the second will be in November 2010. These will be posted within the next few weeks at

We run workshops all around the USA and the world through Out There Images, Inc. Our workshops are run through Out There Images, Inc. ( as well as the Nikonians Academy ( Check out the information below for specific topics and dates.

We�ve added workshops in Hawaii, Ohio, New York, Washington DC, Texas and many other locations. We�ve also added new topics such as the Nikon D90, HDR Photography, Advanced wireless flash, D700/D3 and more.

The Art of Travel Photography Workshops
Join us for a photographic adventure in 2009! Learn how to turn your next vacation into an artistic experience with our Art of Travel Photography Workshops. We have two Art of Travel workshops planned in 2009. Our Columbia River Gorge workshop was from April 30 � May 3rd, 2009 and our North Cascades NP/Mazama September 24-29, 2009. If you are thinking of signing up, contact us immediately in order to be placed on our signup list. Go here for more details:

Nikonians Academy Workshops
We have more classes than ever for 2009. Topics include Nikon D300, Nikon D700, Nikon D3, Wireless Flash, Capture NX 2, D90, D80, D60, D40 and more travel workshops than you can shake a stick at. We�ll be teaching great photographic subjects all around the USA as well as some international destinations.

Our topics include:
– Triple D Game Farm baby animals
– Hawaii
– Nikon D300
– Nikon D700/D3
– iTTL Flash
– Capture NX 2
– Nikon D90, D80, D60, D40

Find out about all of our workshops here:

Private Tutoring
Private instruction is a very popular way to learn specifically what you want to learn in a one-on-one environment. During these sessions, we are able to work specifically on your own photographic needs and at your own pace. Available topics are studio lighting, nature photography, wedding photography, Photoshop, color management, digital workflow, flash photography, portraiture, exposure theory, and more. Many of our customers have requested specific topics and we have tailored our private tutoring to their needs. Call (253) 851-9054 or email ([email protected]) if you have questions about this option.

Keep shooting and keep challenging yourself. That’s the only way to improve your photography! Until next month …

Best regards,

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