Lightroom Classic CC Speed Improvements?

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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC version 7.2

Adobe is listening to their user base about the speed issues in Lightroom and that’s a very good thing. This week, Adobe released a new version of Lightroom Classic CC called version 7.2. During my testing over the last few days, I’ve experienced significant speed improvements in three areas:

1. Panorama merges

2. HDR merges

3. Exporting images

I’m seeing dramatically faster initial previews and somewhat faster final merge times for panoramas and HDR merges. For image exports, I’m seeing a small improvement in speed.

I’m not seeing any speed improvement during other operations such as opening the program, generating previews after import, or developing/processing. However, Adobe has made it clear, through their press releases and interviews, that they are continuing to work on Lightroom speed and we should expect to see enhancements as time goes on.

New lightroom release

Here are the areas Adobe has worked on for this new version of Lightroom Classic CC

To test the claimed speed improvements, I went back to some panorama images I shot last year in Iceland. Each of these pano merges were shot with with anywhere from 5 to 10 images from a Nikon 36MP camera. The initial panorama merge previews only took 20 to 30 seconds, where they would sometimes take multiple minutes in previous versions of the software.

Lightroom’s overall speed is still an issue, but at this point, Lightroom remains as my go-to program for image organization and image development.┬áThe fact that Adobe remains committed to improving speed and efficiency in Lightroom is a very good thing since I know there are lots of other software companies nipping at the heels of Adobe … and they are all bringing their A-game.

panorama merges

Here are six panorama merges I produced with the new Lightroom Classic CC 7.2 version

Version 7.2 also sports a few new software features aimed at organizational improvements. These are relatively small overall workflow improvements, but they will make my time in Lightroom even more efficient. They are:

1. The ability to make quick collections from folders. This improvement allows me to view the entire contents of a folder in the other modules. For example, if I’m making a book, then I can quickly make a folder a collection, and work on that in the book module. Before, I’d have to select all the images in a folder, then make a separate collection. Not a big deal, but the new method is more efficient.

2. The ability to search for folders by name using the new Nested Folder Search bar. This search bar exists over the top of the “Folders” section in Lightroom and allows me to quickly find images by searching for folder names. Cool.

3. New filter search for Edited or Unedited images. This provides one more logical way to find images based on whether or not they have any edited features (tone, contrast, brushes, etc.).

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