July Newsletter is Posted

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The July 2009 Out There Images, Inc. newsletter is posted here:


In this Newsletter:

– Greetings & Updates
– Setup Guides
– Book Feedback
– June GOAL Assignment: Exercise Your Depth of Field
– July GOAL Assignment: Starbursts and Sunbursts
– Maha Imedion Battery Report
– Hoodman HoodLoupe 3.0 Review
– Workshop Updates


2 Comments on “July Newsletter is Posted”

  • Ian H July 4th, 2009 10:25 am

    Mike, I am reading your Capture NX2 book and I have a question about lens correction.

    To what extent does lens correction degrade images?

    I want to buy some prime lenses but in many of the tests/reviews the Nikon primes are criticized for distortion and or color aberration problems that can be corrected in NX2.

    Naturally, I would like to buy a perfect lens but for some focal lengths that means buying an expensive manual focus Zeiss and I would rather buy a more reasonably priced Nikon with auto focus if the distortions can be corrected without compromising the image.

    Thanks for your excellent website and books.


  • admin July 6th, 2009 4:22 pm

    HI Ian –

    Honestly, the criticism that some lenses receive for distortion and color aberration are a bit over the top. Any newer prime lens from Nikon is going to be sharp, clear and relatively distortion free. You’ll be able to use these for just about any professional purpose.

    Applying lens correction in Capture NX 2 won’t degrade the image in any significant way since either. The software correction has been designed to correct any minor distortion from these lenses. Also, if you are using the distortion control on a NEF/RAW file, you can always disable that feature in the future to get back to the original data.

    The quick answer is use distortion control and buy a Nikon lens!

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