What’s Your Impossible Shot?

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Basketball hoop from a kid's perspective.

Basketball hoop from a kid's perspective.

The other day I was out shooting baskets with my kids, nephews, and their friends. Our basketball hoop is adjustable from 6′ to 10′ so my daughter and her cousins kept it at 6′ so they could make the shots. I raised it up to 10′ and one of the kids stopped attempting to make baskets because it was too high. I encouraged him of course, but that didn’t do much to sway him because he had already made the decision that the shot was impossible.

Just to gain perspective, I got down on my knees and looked up at the basket from the same head height. Sure enough, it looked waaaaay far away from the kids’ perspective. I told him that even though the shot looked impossible, he should take the shot anyways. What did he have to lose? If he failed, he could try again. In fact, he could keep trying until he finally actually made the basket. Even if it took days or weeks or months, there was no reason he couldn’t keep trying.

A lot of photographers approach their craft in the same way as the kid did in this story. We keep the basket low because it is easy. We forget that many of our best photographs were created after much effort and practice. I encourage you to hold yourself to a higher standard. Photograph the subjects that are difficult and keep working at it. Once you succeed, you’ll never look back.

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