What a Private Photography Workshop Looks Like

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One of my favorite things to do is lead private workshops for individuals who want to take their photography to the next level. I’ve been teaching photography and running photo workshops since 1998 and find that sometimes the best way for a person to learn a specific topic is via one-on-one mentorship.


Practicing long exposure techniques using a 10-stop neutral density filter.

I like to think of of private workshop sessions as a great way to turbocharge someone’s photographic skillset. Some individuals thrive while learning in a group setting while others learn best in a one-on-one environment.

The advantage of a private workshop is you get to learn exactly what is most important to you. Over the years, I’ve taught photographers just about every photographic topic imaginable.

Individuals have wanted to spend an entire day learning off-camera flash, so we set up a studio and did exactly that until they fully learn the process. Others have wanted to learn best practices for landscape photography, so we traveled to a beautiful location and practiced exactly that skill. Many individuals have just purchased a new camera before taking a vacation to Europe. Together, we spent a day setting up the camera’s menus and buttons while also learning the overall operation.


Learning camera operation and Autofocus technique in the field.

There are a variety of ways I teach private workshops. Each is customizable to your own learning style or photographic interest. Whether it is for an hour, half a day, full day or multiple days in a different country; you name it, I’ve done it. Some of the venues where we meet for private workshops are:

1. At my office in Gig Harbor, Washington

2. At the client’s house

3. At the client’s business location

4. Over the Internet via Skype or Google+ video hangout

5. At a predetermined outdoor location like a park or waterfront

6. Over a weekend in the city

7. Over the course of a week in a scenic area or a foreign country

For each person’s private workshop, I put together a learning plan that covers all of the topics the client wants to learn. We talk about the learning objectives in advance of our meeting and then agree to a final plan for our time together. Here’s an example of a learning plan for a 4-hour workshop I ran last week:




As I mentioned above, people have asked me to teach on just about every photo subject. Here are a few stories of people I’ve recently worked with:

3-Day Intensive

Michael V. flew in from California for three days of private instruction. His goals were to learn the Nikon D810, learn Lightroom CC, and learn autofocus techniques in the field. Each day was planned out in great detail to help him learn digital photography from the ground up. He used to shoot extensively with his collection of Nikon F film cameras, but stepped away from photography for a few decades to focus on his career. Now that he’s retired, he wants to get back to the joy of photography. After three days, he was all set to move forward in his photography after feeling comfortable with the operation of the Nikon D810 and comfortable working with Lightroom CC. This three-day private session was just what he needed to get over the steep digital learning curve.

Kids and Travel

Scott J. and Matt J. are a father and adult son who both own Nikon DSLR cameras. They travel quite a bit and each has family that they love to photograph. They spent a day with me to learn their cameras, better understand exposure control, and set up their autofocus menus properly for children’s sports and international travel. Matt’s young daughter has started playing youth soccer, so one of his goals for the private session was to improve his camera skills in order to get great photographs of his daughter in action. Scott travels with his wife all around the world. They are planning on taking a three-week-long European river cruise and wanted to make sure everything was set up with his camera system before leaving on the trip. He also wanted to practice autofocus techniques as they pertain to travel photography. We set up scenarios to mimic sports photography and travel photography so each could practice their craft under real-world situations.

Camera Operation and Exposure Theory

Hannah D. and Angela C. live in northern Washington State, about two hours from my office. We met at a lakefront park mid-way between our towns to go through exposure control, metering usage, autofocus techniques, menu setups, and video usage. Both wanted to become better with landscape and portrait photography. Both Hannah and Becky are hands-on learners, so we spent the entire private workshop outdoors, going through real-world scenarios.

Dentist Office

Dr. B. is a cosmetic dentist who wanted to set up a photo studio in his office to photograph before/after shots of his surgical clients. We spent a few hours setting up the studio including lighting equipment, backdrop, gels, camera, etc. Then, we allocated the rest of the day to working on photographic technique and digital asset management.

Monthly Mentorship Over the Internet

David S. is a photographer in southern California. We schedule one-hour Internet sessions approximately once a month to go through camera technique, image reviews, Lightroom methods, and lots of other photo-related topics. We use Google+ hangouts to host our meetings since it allows us to share video, share screens, while communicating in a very natural way.

Google+ Photo Mentoring

David and I meet about once per month via Google+ hangouts for online photography mentoring.

Photoshop and Computer Setup

Ray V. is a retiree in Florida who is a very active photographer. He hired me to come to Florida for a three-day private session where we spent the majority of time learning Photoshop techniques, improving his digital asset management system, and setting up his computer for optimal performance.

Computer setup

Ray wanted to spend three days learning Photoshop and setting up his computer system for optimum performance.

Street Photography

Sam B. from Chicago, Illinois wanted to learn how to be a better street photographer. He travels quite a bit for business and loves to photograph the cities he visits along the way. He was feeling a bit insecure about photographing people on the street, so he flew to Seattle, Washington so we could spend a day together. We walked the city streets while photographing people and street performers, while working on his people interaction and photography skills.

Street performer

Photographing street performers and tourists in Seattle, Washington at the Pike Place Market.

New Camera Operation

Tom G. flew in from San Diego for four hours of private instruction on his Nikon D750. We met at a waterfront location in Gig Harbor and spent the morning going through camera operation and autofocus technique. We also worked on setting up portable lighting equipment for location portraiture. He flew back to San Diego that evening learning exactly what he wanted to know.

Backcountry Hiking and Photography

Ron L. is a businessman from the southern USA. He loves hiking and has always wanted to photograph the wild areas of Washington State. I set up a photo itinerary for Ron that included scenic vistas, beautiful seascapes, and towering mountains. Together, we’ll spend four days hiking and photographing the best of Washington State.

Sports Photography

Sarah M. is a high school sports photographer who was having trouble consistently getting sharp photographs at football games. We set up a private workshop where we spent a few hours going through technique and camera setup, then the remainder of our time together we spent at an actual Friday night football game on the sidelines. We photographed the game together, going through technique and method while reviewing shots in real time.


If you are interested in a private workshop, feel free to email or call and we’ll set up a date. For more details on private workshops, check out our workshop page here: http://visadventures.com/services/private-photography-lessons/


Happy shooting!

Taking notes

Bring a notebook because you’re going to learn a ton!

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    It is also asking Congress to pass legislation that would provide relief by stretching out the timetable for local councils to pay into the pension plan. Without such relief, councils could face a 40 percent increase in pension expenses next year.

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    KAMPALA, July 29 (Reuters) – The Ugandan parliament is intalks with a Chinese company on buying out the debts oflegislators facing high repayment fees on loans taken againsttheir salaries, a member of parliament said on Monday.

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    It’s a lovely notion to fix what’s in people’s hearts, but I’m not sure that it is a practical response. It’s like so many aspects of human behaviour that inflict harm on other people: we shouldn’t speed; we shouldn’t drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car; we shouldn’t drive recklessly. But people do, every day, even while knowing in their hearts that others – and they themselves – might get hurt in the process.

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    The JRC study showed that, as a result of falling solarequipment prices and rising electricity bills, solar powergeneration was now cheaper than utility electricity tariffs inmost European countries.

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    Dell also agreed on Friday to reduce from $450 million to $180 million a break-up fee it would have to pay if the deal with Michael Dell and Silver Lake was terminated, and if within a year it enters into another transaction that does not lead to any party being a majority shareholder.

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  • Augustus April 10th, 2021 3:28 am

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  • Wilfred April 10th, 2021 3:45 am

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    “I am pleased to be able to welcome Steve back to the Knicks,” Madison Square Garden executive chairman James Dolan said in a statement. “He is a well-respected sports executive with a strong background in basketball, as well as a familiarity with NBA operations and our company. We look forward to his leadership and believe he is the right person to help us reach our ultimate goal of winning an NBA Championship.

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    Bigger Indian phone carriers such as Bharti Airtel Ltd, Vodafone Group Plc’s local unit and Idea havecut discounts and raised some call prices this year afterseveral of their smaller rivals were forced to exit or scaleback by a court order on a massive licensing scandal.

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    Amber Miller faced a public outcry she decided to run the Chicago Marathon in 2011 at 38 weeks and five days pregnant. Miller, then 27, gave birth to a healthy baby girl just hours after she crossed the finish line.

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    The GM, meanwhile, has spoken of Jeter with reverence lately. He called him “the king of toughness” when the shortstop was pulled from last Saturday’s game, and then after Jeter was put on the disabled list last week, Cashman said emphatically that the Captain would be back next season.

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    “A mandate on households certainly would force those with adequate means to obtain insurance protection, which would end the problem of middle-class “free riders” on society’s sense of obligation. But of course there are many lower-income households who could not reasonably afford to meet that obligation and yet are not eligible for current direct assistance programs such as Medicaid.” Butler wrote. “To an extent, the problems of affordability among these families would be dealt with through the system of tax credits.”

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    That’s what the Giants suffered even before they lost, 31-7, in Kansas City on Sunday. Piling on does not do justice to the beatings and the level of criticism Tom Coughlin’s team took on nationally televised pregame shows. Giants fans had to be cringing.

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    She pointed out that “people shouldn’t make others feel bad about their own personal finances,” but the honest post still prompted criticism from readers who pegged the 20-something as a poor little rich girl who should have kept her mouth shut.

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    London already is falling behind other major Western European cities in the race to build a state-of-the-art international airport hub. Only one new runway has been built in London in the past 40 years—at the small-scale London City airport—but Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt all have added at least two to their main airports. Crucially, all those cities have the capacity to easily expand further to meet demand—something Heathrow lacks unless it builds a new runway.

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    The Giants’ star receiver, who just three years ago came to training camp as the longest of long shots, is now the highest-paid receiver in Giants history. After months of talks and endless speculation, Cruz and the Giants agreed to a blockbuster, six-year contract on Monday that, according to several sources, is worth more than $45 million and includes $15.6 million in guaranteed money.

  • Fidel April 11th, 2021 4:06 pm

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  • Fifa55 April 11th, 2021 6:04 pm

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    Then its clear you dont understand them. The imports being blocked are rifles from WW2 and back. These are collectors items, part of OUR history, and now they are being denied to us. Thats an outrage, not common sense.

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    The company said in the filing that it “strongly disagrees”with the commission’s findings on the Suffolk Downs project andthat neither it nor its affiliates had been found unsuitable byany licensing authority.

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    The 130,000 annual visitors to Olana see some things Church never saw, from an old cement plant by the river to a separate trio of radio station towers prominent just to the south. The two towers already perched atop what is known as Blue Hill are difficult to see from the house when trees are in full leaf, but they are visible from other points at Olana.

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    Pricing-wise, the iPad Air occupies the premium slot in Apple’s iPad lineup with an asking price of $499 for the 16GB WiFi-only model. The iPad mini with Retina display starts at $399 for the 16GB WiFi-only model.

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    Andrew Grice has been Political Editor of The Independent since 1998. He was previously Political Editor of The Sunday Times, where he worked for 10 years, and he has been a Westminster-based journalist since 1982. His column, Inside Politics, appears in The Independent each Saturday.

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    The greatest number of libertarians in the US are young college students and young people recently graduated from college. THAT is what the Republican establishment is so afraid of. It is an outright lie that these people are racist. They are mostly white probably because they tend to be college graduates, but there are plenty who are not white. If the US did not have a locked up two party system, they would not have any thing to do with Redudlicans. But they have decided they must pick one of the parties and try to influence that party to change. Between the Redudlicans and Dumbocrats, the former are considered the least far from libertarian thinking.

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    “Like other boxers that have represented their country superbly in recent years, Anthony will remain part of the GB Boxing family and will always receive a warm welcome at our training facility in Sheffield.”

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    Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called it a “bridge too far” to shut down the government if Obamacare is not defunded and said it could dash any hopes the party has of wresting control of the Senate from Democrats next year.

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    Francis Pumpkin Seed, Oglala Sioux Tribe Election Commission chairman, said workers on Wednesday checked each of those ballots to confirm they were cast by enrolled members. After that process was complete, the result was 1,871 for legalization and 1,679 against it, he said.

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