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I fly a lot for my workshops and am continually amazed at the lack of respect baggage handlers show for luggage. Every time I pick up my bags from the carousel, I cringe as I tally up all the new dents and bruises on the sides of my luggage.

Recently, I was at Newark International Airport outside of New York and I watched as baggage handlers were throwing bags 35 feet from one baggage cart to another one on the other side of the tarmac. I’m not exaggerating! Rather than bring the cart closer, these gorillas chose to throw 15 bags like track and field athletes in the hammer throw competition. The first guy picked up a bag by the handle and began spinning. At the height of his rotational speed, he let loose of the bag and it flew through the air in a large arc. This first bag made it into the luggage cart, so buoyed by his success, he let loose with the second bag. It struck the side of the card and skittered across the pavement. The third bag hit its mark inside the cart. He’d obviously done this before. Bags four, five and six all missed and splatted on the ground.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. This guy was chucking our luggage farther than I can throw a baseball. He even had a smile on his face!

Anyways, before I get a hernia reliving the experience, I thought I’d pass on this viral video that’s making its way around the internet. The video is by Dave Carroll (http://www.davecarrollmusic.com) and the song is called United Breaks Guitars. I know you’ll enjoy it.


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