Think Tank Freebies – Photo Contest – Capture NX-D 1.1.0 Update

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I have three news items today for photographers. One is a promotion from Think Tank Photo for free swag when you buy one of their backpacks. Another is a contest where you can win a Nikon D750 with three professional lenses. The third is an update to Nikon Capture NX-D software.

Freebies from Think Tank Photo

Looking for a new camera bag? Think Tank Photo has a great new promotion for February. Whenever you order a Think Tank camera backpack you will have their choice of receiving of one of Think Tank’s popular AppHouse 8 or AppHouse 10 tablet cases for free. In addition, as with all of their orders from Think Tank of $50 or more, they will receive another free item. That’s two freebies for one purchase. Very cool.

Think Tank Bag Promotion

Airport Commuter Backpack_Nikon

New Photo Contest – I Am Generation Image

You can win a Nikon D750 and three lenses with Nikon’s new photo contest tited #IAmNextContest. Simply post your photos to Instagram or Twitter with the #IAmNextContest hashtag. Here’s a link to the contest page:

Check out Nikon USA’s I Am Generation Image page here: I Am Generation Image


Nikon Capture NX-D 1.1.0 Released


Nikon recently released Capture NX-D version 1.1.0. In my mind, there are two significant items with this release:

1. Nikon now supports some of the edits you made in Nikon Capture NX 2. You’ll only be able to adjust items that were created in the Edit List of NX 2.

2. Nikon supports flare control with their new PF lens, the AF-S 300mm f4 PF.

There are a number of other modifications to the software and I’ve detailed those below. Here are the download links:

Nikon USA Download
Nikon EU Download
Nikon Global Download

Updates included with 1.1.0

Modifications that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions
Support for the D5500, COOLPIX S3700, S2900, L32 and L31 has been added.

When Capture NX-D is used to edit files that were once edited with Capture NX 2, additional adjustment of editing performed with Capture NX 2 is now possible.
However, only items in the Develop section of the Capture NX 2 Edit List can be adjusted with Capture NX-D. In addition, images that have been edited using Color Efex Pro may be edited after settings are reverted to their original values.

A PF Flare Control item has been added to the Camera and Lens Corrections palette.
This item can be used to reduce flare (ring flare, circular flare, etc.) caused by bright light sources in images captured with compatible lenses.

A Revert to Last Saved State option has been added to the Adjust menu.
This option resets adjustments applied with Capture NX-D.

A Launch Camera Control Pro 2 option has been added to the Tool menu.

The following issues have been resolved.

When images to which Distortion Control has been applied are opened, edges were fringed with color.

When Noise Reduction was applied, the application would quit unexpectedly.

When a RAW image captured with a camera that does not support the Picture Control system (D2XS, D2X、D2HS, D2H, D1X, D1H, D1, D200, D100, D90, D80, D70S, D70, D60, D40X, D40) was displayed, the icon indicating that the image had been edited was displayed, even if the image had not actually been edited.

When Quick Adjust was applied to RAW images captured at a Picture Control setting of Neutral, Flat, or Monochrome, and for which Recorded Value was selected in the Picture Control palette, the Quick Adjust value reverted back to “0.00” when the images were again displayed in Capture NX-D after the application was once closed and then launched again.
A Noise Reduction setting of Better Quality 2013 could be selected for JPEG and TIFF images.

Additional modifications to the Windows version

The following issues have been resolved.

Multiple images in the My Pictures folder could not be selected to copy or move under Windows 7 or an earlier operating system.

When files were saved with different file names using the Convert Files function, the new file names were not accurately reflected.

Additional modifications to the Macintosh version

Support for OS X version 10.10.1 has neen added.

OS X version 10.7.5 is no longer supported.

How to Set Custom Preset White Balance Using Your Camera Bag

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Here’s a quick one minute video on setting a custom white balance in the field using your camera bag as a gray card. In the video, I use a Think Tank Photo Speed Racer, but any camera bag with a gray surface will do. YouTube Video Link:

Over the last month, I’ve been sharing white balance videos and want to show you a cool trick to use when you’re in the field for setting custom white balance.

In this video, I’m in a gymnasium, with a bunch of kids in the background doing Circus Club, and I want to set the white balance for the ambient light in here. We have a mixed lighting situation, so I’m going to use the gray surface on my Think Tank Speed Racer camera bag to set my white balance.

On my camera, I’m going to push my white balance button, and dial it over to preset white balance, then I’m going to aim the camera down to the gray area on my bag. I take a shot, and look for the “good” indication on the LCD panel to confirm that it captured the color balance. Now I have a preset white balance, and when I photograph the kids, the colors are great.

Free Shipping for Think Tank Camera Bags in May

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Think Tank Photo has two really great promotions during May for their camera bags.

1. Free Shipping! – For the month of May all orders placed on their website or by phone will be shipped for free, with no minimum order amount.

2. Free 15” Laptop Bag with every order of our popular Airport Rolling Camera Bags (e.g. Airport International, Airport Security, etc.).

Here’s the link to capitalize on the promotion: Think Tank May Promotion.

Free Laptop Case

Happy shopping!

Think Tank Photo Test Drive Program

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I have a quite a few Think Tank camera bags and I highly recommend them. Their staff just contacted me to announce a new program that lets you test drive their gear before actually buying it. Here’s the link to the test drive program:

Test Drive one of Think Tank Photo’s new Modular Rotation Systems free for 28 days.  If you like it, keep it and your credit card will be charged.  If not, return it to Think Tank no charge. The Modular Rotation System is the choice of working professionals who shoot sports, weddings, nature or any situation where the need to stay mobile and rapid gear changes are essential.

The Modular Component Set™ V2.0 consists of two individual lens changer pouches, a flash pouch and an accessory pouch that lock to or slide around any Think Tank Photo belt. Since the pouches are modular, the carrying system can be reconfigured to match any assignment, under any condition.

The Modular Skin Set V2.0 consists of two individual lens changer pouches, a flash pouch and an accessory pouch that lock to or slide around a Think Tank Photo belt. Components are lightweight, compressible and easily collapsible. Perfect for traveling.The “Sound Silencer” feature adds stealth by eliminating hook-and-loop tearing noises.

This offer ends on March 31, 2012 or when100 of each modular set has been reserved for the Test Drive program.

* This offer is only available within the United States because of the shipping costs of delivering the product from and to the U.S.

Think Tank modular system. Test drive before you buy!

Think Tank modular system. Test drive before you buy!

Think Tank Photo Blowout Sale

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Think Tank is having a sale on their modular component system. I use the Pro Modulus system for my event photography as well as some of my travel photography (here’s a photo of me shooting an event with the modular system: The gear is top notch and well designed.

Here’s a link to their product page: Modular Component System

If you end up buying from this link, then as a friend of Out There Images you’ll also receive a free item to add to your oder. You’ll get your choice of a Pixel Pocket Rocket, Cable Management 10, Security tag, LARGE Lens Drop In, RU Thirsty, Whip it Out, Skin 50, Skin 75 Pop Down, Skin Double Wide, Skin Strobe, or a Skin Chimp Cage.


November 2010 Newsletter is Posted

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I’m just about to step onto the plane for Africa but wanted to post the link for our November 2010 newsletter. Follow the link to learn about:

– Free Camera Bag Giveaway for November
– October GOAL Assignment: Shoot at Night with Ambient Light
– November GOAL Assignment: Less is More
– Digital Tidbits: Panorama Merge to Single Image HDR
– Workshop Updates

New Think Tank Photo Bag Within a Bag Drawing

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Hey Think Tank Photo fans. Think Tank has a new, clever giveaway where they try to stuff as many camera bags as possible into a Logistics Manager Roller. If you win the drawing, you get to pick the bags that they try to stuff inside of each other, until you can’t stuff any more!

What a cool idea. Here’s a link to their video and also a page to show how to enter the contest.

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