March 2016 Newsletter Posted

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GH Panos

Our March 2016 newsletter is posted here:

Articles this month include:

CreativeLive Partnership

New Instructor and Author – Rick Hulbert

New Workshops in The Wooldands, Texas

Stuff I Like This Month

Book Review: Picture Perfect Lighting

Book Review: Studio Anywhere

Digital Tidbits: A Custom Approach to Panoramas Using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC

Business Updates


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January 2015 Visual Adventures Newsletter is Posted

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Our January 2015 Newsletter is posted here:

This month we have lots of great topics including a review of the Nikon D750 in Tanzania, a review of the Uplift adjustable height desk, a Lightroom tutorial and more.

In This Month’s Newsletter

– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: B-Roll and Secondary Subjects
– Field Report: Using the Nikon D750 In Africa
– Product Review: Uplift Desk
– Digital Tidbits: The Lightroom Solution for Cloudless Skies
– Workshop and Business Updates


About a Baobab

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The giant baobab tree in Tanzania is a sight to behold. This elephant is stripping the bark to get at the trunk’s huge reserve of water. Nikon D800, Nikon 200-400mm f/4. Processed in Adobe Lightroom 5 and Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.

The baobab tree is an amazing sight to behold. In Tanzania, these massive trees grow primarily in Tarangire National Park and are known for their funny upside-down shape. According to the legend of Bushmen, the baobab tree offended God, so he plucked it out of the ground and planted it back upside down, leaving the roots exposed to the sky.

Baobabs are succulents and store massive amounts of water in the trunk (sometimes up to 26,000 US gallons) in order to endure harsh drought conditions. Their massive swollen trunks consist of soft spongy wood, saturated with water. They hold so much water in fact, that they’ve been known to survive for ten years with no rain. Interestingly, the diameter of their trunks changes throughout the year in relation to how much rain falls or how long the dry season lasts.

Elephants love the bark of the trees and you’ll often see them tearing off long strips of bark to chew on. This behavior is especially evident during the dry season as elephants work to obtain moisture from the trunk’s water reserves. Most baobab trees in Tarangire National Park bear deep gouge marks and even giant holes through the trunk from the abuse they take from elephants.

One thing you can’t miss is how large these trees are. The photograph here shows a young elephant using its tusks to tear away some bark. This elephant is probably seven or eight feet high, so you can see that the tree trunk is close to 30 feet in diameter.

Baobabs take hundreds of years to reach their large dimensions and some are known to be many thousands of years old. In fact, one of the largest baobabs in Africa has been dated to be more than 6,000 years old. Most baobabs don’t look fully “baobab-ish” until they are at least 600 years old. When they become a thousand years old, many trees begin to hollow inside, providing refuge for animals and people as they travel the African wilds.

Tarangire National Park hosts one of the world’s greatest populations of African elephants, with more than 5,000 roaming the park. It is said to have more elephants per square mile than anywhere else in the world. This park is the perfect place to photograph the world’s largest land animal next to one of the largest tree species on earth.

For this image, I used the Nikon D800 coupled with the Nikkor 200-400mm f/4. For support, I rested the camera on a Gura Gear Anansi bean bag. As always, I used the Peak Design leash system to keep from dropping the rig from the Landcruiser.

March 2014 Newsletter is Posted

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Our Visual Adventures March 2014 newsletter is up and posted here:

This month’s topics include:

– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: Direct the Viewer’s Eyes
– February GOAL Assignment: Share Your Images
– Digital Tidbits: Filling In Missing Pixels From Panorama Stitches
– Book Review: Peter Krogh’s Organizing Your Photographs with Lightroom 5
– Book Review: Peter Krogh’s Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5
– Workshop and Business Updates



New Orlando and San Diego Nikonians Academy Workshops

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Nikonians Academy Logo

Check out our new Nikonians Academy workshops in Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida, scheduled for January 9th – 12th, 2014. Also, I have upcoming workshops in San Diego, California this December 12 – 15, 2013 that still have seats available. Our workshops are some of the best in the business and I guarantee that you’ll learn more than you expected to. These classes are known for their hands-on learning style and small class size. Check them out. Hope to see you there.

Orlando/Kissimme Schedule:

Jan 9 – Master the D800/D4 In Depth 1
Jan 10 – Master the D600/D7000/D7100 In Depth 1
Jan 11 – Master Adobe Lightroom In Depth 1
Jan 12 – Master Adobe Lightroom In Depth 2

San Diego Schedule:

Dec 12 – Master the Nikon D600, D7000 & D7100 In Depth 1
Dec 13 – Master Nikon iTTL Wireless Flash, CLS
Dec 14 – Master Adobe Lightroom In Depth 1
Dec 15 – Master Adobe Lightroom In Depth 2

Sign Up Now Here:

Nikon D800 and D4 Setup Guides Posted

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I’ve posted PDF versions of our famous setup guides for the Nikon D800/D800E and the Nikon D4 cameras. The guides show my personal recommendations for setting up menus, buttons and dials in four configurations: Travel/Landscape, Portrait/Wedding, Sports/Action, and Point and Shoot.

Nikon D4 and D800 setup guides are posted at

Nikon D4 and D800 setup guides are posted at

The guides are free to download and print out for your own use. If you are interested, you can order laminated copies from us for $6.50. Order instructions are on the setup guide web page.

Here are the direct links:

Nikon D800/D800E Setup Guide Direct Link

Nikon D4 Setup Guide Direct Link

We also have setup guides for most of the other popular Nikon dSLR cameras including the D7000, D700, D300, D300s, D3s, D3, D3X, etc. Click this link to go to our Nikon camera setup guide page. Scroll down to the bottom for the camera setup guides.


Nikon D800 and D800E setup guides at

Nikon D4 setup guide at

Nikon D4 setup guide at

New York Photo Guide by Jeremy Pollack

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New York City Digital Field Guide

New York City Digital Field Guide

I just finished up as the technical editor on a new photographic guide book to New York City by Jeremy Pollack. The great news is that the book is now available for purchase on Here’s a link:

Also, Jeremy is running a contest for a free print of NY here:

Jeremy did a great job on the book and I can’t wait to get my copy!

New Book (in German)

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A few months ago I wrote a chapter for a new photography book and I’ve just received the first copy today. The book is published in German and is called The Wild Side of Photography, Unconventional and Creative Techniques for the Courageous Photographer (Die wilde Seite der Fotografie, Mit unkonventionellen Techniken eigene fotografische Ideen verwirklichen) by Cyrill Harnischmacher. You can see more on the book here: It will be published in English in April 2010 through Rocky Nook (

The chapter I wrote was on how to create a Lensbaby look by using Vaseline and a UV/Skylight filter. There are a total of 22 chapters on topics as diverse as digital pinhole cameras, light painting, 3D stereo photography and kite aerial photography. I’ll let you know when it is available in English.

Keep shooting!

Book detail.

Book detail.

Book detail.

Book detail.

New CLS Book Review

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Dominique James from the Sacremento Book Review just posted a new review of our Nikon CLS book, The Nikon Creative Lighting System, here:

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