Supraflux Camera Stabilizer Kickstarter Campaign

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A few months back, I tested a mini camera stabilizer from a company called PicoSteady. I took the stabilizer with me to the Galapagos to shoot some video with my small Canon Vixia camcorder and it produced great results. Now, the designers of the PicoSteady are at it again with a new, larger camera stabilizer called the Supraflux. This new system is designed to work with larger dSLR Video cameras like the Nikon D800, D4, D600, and D7100.

Supraflux stabilizer

The new Supraflux camera stabilizer is designed to work with larger dSLR cameras.

One of the coolest innovations with the Supraflux is the new brake system that makes it simple to rotate the stabilizer while shooting. Other stabilizers on the market require you to press your thumb against a rubber pad to rotate the unit, but the Supraflux includes a small trigger that actuates an electrically operated brake for rotating the system. It looks like a very cool innovation.

Supraflux camera stabilizer

The Supraflux in action.

Click here to join in the Kickstarter campaign for the Supraflux: Supraflux Kickstarter Campaign

Click here to follow Supraflux: Supraflex website

Supraflux counter weights

The Supraflux comes with a large quantity of counter weights for balancing your video system

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