Mike regularly collaborates with small groups to design photo specific tours to beautiful places around the world. These groups include groups of friends, travel companions, camera clubs, families, and business executives.

Mike has been leading private tours for many years now and customers have found this option to be the perfect fit for their busy schedules. It allows them to accomplish a very specific set of goals while leaving the detailed planning to Mike. For example, a group of six ladies who’ve been friends since college wanted to take a photo adventure to Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Mike put together a detailed daily plan for the group and served as their personal photo mentor during the journey.

Another example was a husband and wife team who wanted to dramatically improve their landscape and nature photography. Mike put together a three day plan to their favorite National Park where the three of them worked from sunrise to sunset on photography skills. In the evenings, the three of them critiqued photos from the day while enjoying dinner and wine.

Let Mike put together the trip of a lifetime for your group. Whether it’s a domestic National Park or an international location in Africa, Europe or Asia, Mike is the perfect photo mentor and trip planner for your journey.

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