Thousands of Images: Now What?



Tackle the challenges of digital photo file management!

If you find yourself with more digital photos than you know what to do with or at a loss as to how to begin organizing them all, then Digital Asset Management (DAM) is your solution. This incredibly helpful book answers such common questions as: how should I manage the sheer volume of images? How can I make sure my pictures are safely backed-up? How can I efficiently categorize my images so that I can quickly find the one I’m seeking?

Professional photographer and author Mike Hagen shows you how to organize, save, and back-up your digital photos by creating a filing and back-up system that are both efficient and effective. He walks you through the steps necessary to successfully maintain an orderly archiving system so that you can quickly store, save, and retrieve your images.

-Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps you organize, save, and back-up your digital photos
-Explains how to efficiently and effectively create an intuitive filing system that is right for you
-Answers frequently asked questions regarding storing, saving, and retrieving images
-Encourages you to create a successful digital photo archive that, once created, will be easy to maintain and use
-Say “so long” to your days of being a digital photo pack rat when you put this easy-to-understand, helpful book to use!

This book is no longer in print.


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