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Today, Nikon officially released the full version of Nikon Capture NX-D 1.0.0. This release marks the end of support for Nikon Capture NX 2 and ushers in a new chapter for Nikon software. As I mentioned in previous posts and video blogs, the new NX-D software is a far cry from the previous Capture NX 2 software since Nikon chose not to include many of the higher-end editing tools. It is unfortunate that tools like color control points, HSL adjustments, and selection brushes won’t be included in NX-D.

NX-D is a basic RAW converter and I have loaded the program on my computer. At this point, my main use for NX-D will be processing image files from brand new Nikon cameras before other software packages (i.e. Lightroom) have the capability. There’s almost always a month or two delay from when a camera is released until 3rd party software companies are able to process the camera’s RAW files, so NX-D will fill that time gap. I don’t see using NX-D for any significant image processing in my overall workflow.

Download Full Version of Capture NX-D here: Nikon Capture NX-D


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