March 2016 Visual Adventures Newsletter

GH Panos

Welcome photographers! Last month was really fun for quite a few reasons. Of course, I was able to create some great new images, but I also embarked on two new business ventures; one with CreativeLive and another with a colleague of mine, Rick Hulbert.

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Regardless of what is going on in my business, I’m always pushing myself to create new work or to learn a new skill. I think continuous learning is imperative for everyone and I hold myself to the same standard that I hold you to. Everyone should keep practicing and keep learning. In that vein, I have two new book reviews to share with you. Both are on portraiture, both by great artists, Roberto Valenzuela and Nick Fancher.

Panorama photography has been on my mind quite a bit lately because of a new workshop with CreativeLive and because of some panorama work with some clients for their businesses. I decided to challenge myself with a new panorama approach and wrote an article detailing how to create a panorama from this very difficult scenario. Check it out in the section called Digital Tidbits.

In this month’s newsletter:

CreativeLive Partnership

New Instructor and Author – Rick Hulbert

New Workshops in The Wooldands, Texas

Stuff I Like This Month

Book Review: Picture Perfect Lighting

Book Review: Studio Anywhere

Digital Tidbits: A Custom Approach to Panoramas Using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC

Business Updates

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