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– Greetings
– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: B-Roll and Secondary Subjects
– Field Report: Using the Nikon D750 In Africa
– Product Review: Uplift Desk
– Digital Tidbits: The Lightroom Solution for Cloudless Skies
– Workshop and Business Updates


Seattle skyline for a client’s construction project at the new Hill7 site.


The last few months have been a wonderful time of family, travel and commercial work for Visual Adventures. I was able to do some corporate photography for a client’s construction project in Seattle, do some travel photography in Lake Tahoe California, do some volunteer work in my home town, visit the vast metropolis of Corvallis, Oregon, and of course, watch a bit of Seahawks football!

Photography continues to be a big part of my life and 2015 will be no different. Like most of you, it seems like I have a million photographic goals and I never have enough time to complete them all. Completing projects is simply a matter of picking one and pushing through until it is finished. Easier said than done, right?!

My hope is that you are challenging yourself this year to learn new skills and new techniques. As I’ve been preaching for the last decade, you have to be continuously shooting to get better. My mantra is ABS – Always Be Shooting – and I’d love it if you adopted that mantra for yourself.

I encourage you to dedicate the next week to picking up your camera at least one time every day to try and create a compelling image. I have numerous newsletters and blog posts on our website to help you find inspiration. Do it!

Speaking of practicing, I have three big photo adventure trips in 2015 that I’d like to invite you on. These adventures keep getting better every year as I continue to refine itineraries and locations for the very best photography.

Iceland – July 12-20, 2015
Galapagos – September 12-19, 2015
Tanzania – November 4-15, 2015

All are designed to be incredible photo trips and the images we create from them are truly inspirational. The food on each of our adventures is almost as good as the photography and our accommodations put us close to the action so we maximize our time in the field. I’ve personally tailored every moment of these trips so we are primed for the best photo opportunities at the best time with the best subjects.


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