March 2014 Visual Adventures Newsletter

Purse seiner

The Beryl E fishing boat. This is one of Gig Harbor’s many commercial fishing boats. Image taken with Nikon Df and 70-200 f/2.8. Processed in Adobe Lightroom 5 & Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.

In this Newsletter:
– Greetings
– Stuff I Like This Month
– January GOAL Assignment: Direct the Viewer’s Eyes
– February GOAL Assignment: Share Your Images
– Digital Tidbits: Filling In Missing Pixels From Panorama Stitches
– Book Review: Peter Krogh’s Organizing Your Photographs with Lightroom 5
– Book Review: Peter Krogh’s Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5
– Workshop and Business Updates


I have spent most of the last month near home and as a result, I’ve been able to work on my business and spend lots of time with my family. Since I’ve been in town, quite a few of you have scheduled private photo workshops and a number of local groups have asked me to speak at their events.

One of the things that has struck me during my presentations is how important it is to always show your best work when displaying your photography or speaking publicly. Last month, I chaperoned a middle school youth weekend retreat and decided to photograph the kids as they enjoyed the retreat. I probably took 450 images, then shared them with all the kids and parents after the weekend was over. The pics went all over their Facebook pages, their phones, their tablets and finally into a wrap-up video that was shown to a big group of people. Everyone was excited at having access to all the great images. One of the moms loaded the images onto her iPad and shared them with people in her network of friends and family. She even showed a bunch of pics to employees at the Apple Store.

I know this is obvious, but it struck me again that in this day and age, our photography will be shared by many people in many locations across many platforms. As photographers, we won’t be able to control how the images are shared or who sees the images. Everyone who sees the images could be a potential customer, grandparent, magazine editor, writer or business owner.

It would have been easy to be lazy and simply share the unprocessed pictures from the retreat. But I couldn’t bear to think about people seeing images that were good, but not great. So, I took an extra three hours and processed each and every photograph by cropping, fixing zits, removing dust, fine tuning white balance, and enhancing vibrance. I’m extremely happy I took the extra time to work on the images since hundreds and hundreds of people have now seen them. I encourage you to do the same thing when showing your photographs. Always take the time to edit and develop your photos before sharing them with others.

New Photo Tips Videos

Here at Visual Adventures, we believe in following our own mantra of Learn – Create – Explore. In this vein, we started producing a regular series of photo tips for our Visual Adventures YouTube channel. At this point, we are sharing the short videos on our blog and on YouTube (


Photo Workshops

We have an exciting workshop and travel schedule for 2014 and 2015 and continue to add new trips. Our goal is to lead photo journeys to beautiful locations around the world dedicated to those of you who want to become better photographers. Our two newest workshops are set for Iceland in winter 2015 and Northern India during the tea harvest season of 2015.

Here’s a quick summary of our upcoming trips and classroom workshops.

April 3-6, 2014 – Fairfield, NJ
Nikonians Academy workshops on Nikon D600, D610, D7000, D7100, D800, D4, Df. More info.

June 13-14, 2014 – Seattle, WA
Nikonians Academy workshops on Nikon D800, D4, Df. More info.

August 10-20, 2014 – Iceland Birds and Landscapes
Photograph the land of fire and ice. 3 spots remaining. More info.

September 5-14, 2014 – Galapagos Wildlife Adventure
Amazing wildlife photography on our own private expedition yacht. 2 spots remaining. More info.

October 4-11, 2014 – Cuba Cultural Photography
Old world charm and beautiful Havana. More info.

November 4-15, 2014 – Tanzania Photo Safari
Photo safari to East Africa’s beautiful Serengeti. More info.

February 9-15, 2015 – Iceland Winter
Northern lights, ice caves and landscapes. More info.

April 29-May 11, 2015 – Northern India Tea, Landscape and Wildlife
Tea harvest, mountain landscapes and wildlife. More info.


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