September 2012 Newsletter


I love photography. You already knew that of course, but I think it bears repeating that I can’t get enough of this crazy pursuit. I appreciate the challenge of coming up with something unique and I love overcoming the difficulty of weather I can’t control. A few weeks ago I was on a trip to Ocean Shores in Washington State. The weather that was severe clear, meaning that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As an outdoor photographer, I know that bright sunny weather hardly ever results in beautiful landscape photographs.

Nikon AW100 Waterproof Point and shoot.

Nikon AW100 Waterproof Point and shoot.

I took my trusty Nikon D800 along with all my f2.8 lenses on the trip, but didn’t feel like lugging it around with me at the beach. So, instead I took along a Nikon AW100 point and shoot just in case anything interesting came up that I needed to shoot.

When we got to the beach, I found large flocks of Western Snowy Plovers flying up and down the coast. I ended up shooting video of the migrating flocks of plovers as they plied the beaches looking for food. The tiny AW100 camera was great fun to shoot and was the perfect solution for a “severe clear” day when traditional landscape photography was out of the question. Even though my results were less than stellar, my enjoyment of scene was heightened because of my attempts to capture the event with my camera.

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