Greetings and Visual Adventures Website Update

I’ve spent a good portion of the last month spending time just hanging out with my family. Since I travel so much, my wife and I scheduled some downtime into my summer schedule so we could be together as a family. So, we went on a road trip (more on that below), had a few BBQs, did some yard work, played some tennis, and just hung out. It was wonderful.

As I announced last month, we’ve just launched our new business name Visual Adventures along with our new website The website is still in progress and we continue to add more content while refining details such as layout and overall design.

The blog is up and running and we have new posts since last month’s unveiling. We are also adding a search utility across the site so you’ll be able to search our extensive archives of newsletter articles going back to 2005. This search function is slated to go live during the last week of July, 2012.

Many people email to ask me about the gear I use and recommend. Therefore, I’ve added a page dedicated to gear with links to affiliate partners where you can also buy the same items. Here’s the link to my recommended gear page: Mike’s Recommended Gear.

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