Naneu Photo Hiking Hybrid Backpack

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I love climbing and mountaineering, but taking my camera gear along with me has always proven to be somewhat difficult. I’ve never been able to find a good solution for storing my dSLR camera in front of me while also keeping it out of the elements AND while also wearing my big backpack. Just today I found a new Kickstarter campaign for a product from Naneu that solves this exact problem. The new backpack is called the Adventure K5 v2, and has an 80 liter internal capacity.

Naneu hybrid photo and hiking backpack.

Naneu hybrid photo and hiking backpack.

The camera pouch can be worn on the front or it can be stowed inside the pack. Also, the area used for the camera storage can be repurposed for holding hiking gear. I called Naneu and talked to the President about his new prototype and I’m excited to see his idea come to reality. Naneu’s president is a good guy and it looks as if the bag is going to be a perfect fit for my adventures. Here’s a link to their new Kickstarter campaign: I can’t wait to get one and try it out myself.

Naneu hybrid photo and hiking backpack.

The pack will have top-notch internal frame support along with a nice mesh cooling pad along the back.

Naneu Adventure K5 v2 in the field.

The Naneu Adventure K5 v2 in the field.

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