Long Horns and Fire Ants

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The face of unfriendliness. Nikon D2X, 24-120mm.

The face of unfriendliness. Nikon D2X, 24-120mm.

In 2007, I was in between photo gigs down in Texas and decided to take a few days to explore the Hill Country. Had a wonderful time shooting pics of bluebonnets, people and scenes. I found this longhorn and started snapping pics over a fence. He didn’t like it at all at came at me with a big “whoompf” snort and a charge.

The fence wasn’t much of a fence and he was only 3 feet away by the time I figured out I had better move. I backed off and watched for about 30 seconds until I started jumping up and down in pain. SOMETHING was chewing on my ankles! Ahhh!

Fire ants. Everywhere.

All I can say is that the people of Texas are more welcoming than the animals.

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