Light L16 Camera Combines 16 Cameras for 52MP

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New camera company light announced today their L16 point and shoot camera. Their claim is that users will experience DSLR quality in a camera the size of a mobile phone. They plan to accomplish this with an array of 16 different cameras built into the main body. At any given time, 10 of the 16 cameras will be taking the photos, then their algorithm pieces together a final image to form an image file up to 52 megapixels.


Here are some of the interesting specs from the camera:

– 35-150mm equivalent optical zoom

– 52 megapixels

– Ability to shoot RAW (DNG), JPG, or TIFF

– Operates on Android, so you’ll be able to use any Android app.

– Ability to adjust focus and depth of field after taking the shot

– Wi-fi download of images

– 4K video

– Excellent low-light performance

– Wide dynamic range

This is sure to be a game changer.

If you want to order your own, please use this special “friends and family code” from my friend Michael Rubin who works at

Friends and family link: Light L16 pre-orders

Friends and family discount code: FFMR96.

Also, check out their current reviews page for customer feedback: Light Camera Reviews



Light image exporter

Light image exporter

Light image exporter



Light image exporter




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