Images From Tanzania – 2013

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Our November 2013 photo safari to Tanzania was an incredible success. The wildlife was stunning and the landscapes were equally compelling. I can’t wait to go back again next year. Here are a bunch of images from this year’s adventure. More stories to come!

hagen_131104_0013 hagen_131104_0147 hagen_131104_0327 hagen_131104_0633 hagen_131104_0675 hagen_131104_0835 hagen_131104_0973 hagen_131104_1218-Edit hagen_131105_0031 hagen_131105_0060 hagen_131105_0203 hagen_131105_0294 hagen_131105_0393 hagen_131105_0478 hagen_131105_0540-Edit hagen_131105_0730-Edit hagen_131106_1168 hagen_131106_1274 hagen_131106_1324 hagen_131106_1411 hagen_131106_1507 hagen_131107_0024 hagen_131107_0048 hagen_131107_0073 hagen_131107_0999 hagen_131107_1196 hagen_131107_1407 hagen_131108_0193 hagen_131108_0433 hagen_131108_0498 hagen_131108_0573 hagen_131108_0783 hagen_131110_0072 hagen_131110_0074 hagen_131110_0472 hagen_131110_0600-Edit hagen_131110_0634-Edit hagen_131110_0886 hagen_131111_0049 hagen_131111_0603-Edit-Edit hagen_131111_0706 hagen_131111_0738 hagen_131112_0043 hagen_131112_0183-Edit hagen_131112_0262 hagen_131114_002 hagen_131114_017 hagen_131114_029 hagen_131114_068 hagen_131114_345re


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