How to Set Custom Preset White Balance Using Your Camera Bag

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Here’s a quick one minute video on setting a custom white balance in the field using your camera bag as a gray card. In the video, I use a Think Tank Photo Speed Racer, but any camera bag with a gray surface will do. YouTube Video Link:

Over the last month, I’ve been sharing white balance videos and want to show you a cool trick to use when you’re in the field for setting custom white balance.

In this video, I’m in a gymnasium, with a bunch of kids in the background doing Circus Club, and I want to set the white balance for the ambient light in here. We have a mixed lighting situation, so I’m going to use the gray surface on my Think Tank Speed Racer camera bag to set my white balance.

On my camera, I’m going to push my white balance button, and dial it over to preset white balance, then I’m going to aim the camera down to the gray area on my bag. I take a shot, and look for the “good” indication on the LCD panel to confirm that it captured the color balance. Now I have a preset white balance, and when I photograph the kids, the colors are great.

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