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Expert shield D600

Expert Shield screen protector for Nikon D600

Expert Shield makes a wide variety of screen protectors for digital devices such as cameras, tablets, phones, and screens. A few weeks ago, a representative from Expert Shield contacted me and asked if I would test out a few of their screen protectors on my Nikon DSLR cameras and my mobile phone. They claim that their products have ultra-high transparency while also protecting the screen of your device. Honestly, I’ve tried out these types of products before and have never been impressed due the fact that many of them tend to reduce overall sharpness of the device’s display. I told the representative that I’d give his products a try, then write honestly about my experience in a blog post.

I received a set of Expert Shield screen protectors for my Nikon D800, Nikon D600, and Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. The first thing I noticed about the product was that the application instructions were printed on the outside of the packaging and were very easy to follow.

Expert Shield instructions

Application instructions are printed on the back side of the packaging.

Next, I found the labels on the plastic shields were very helpful and easy to understand. Applying an Expert Shield screen protector is a simple process, but you need to be very careful that you don’t trap dust between the shield and the device screen. The first step in the preparation process is to thoroughly clean the LCD panel to remove any oil or grease. Next, work diligently to remove any dust with the included microfiber cloth. Once the device’s screen is in pristine condition, then remove the first layer of plastic marked by a tab labeled “Step 1”. Then, gently lay down the Expert Shield while pushing out any air bubbles with the tip of your finger. Finally, remove the layer of plastic marked by a tab labeled “Step 2,” and you’re done. The entire application process takes about 5 minutes.

Expert Shield

The Expert Shield screen protectors ship with a screen wipe and the LCD screen protector. Labeled tabs make the instructions very easy to follow when applying the product to your device.

I found the product to be extremely high in overall quality. There is nothing cheap about their feel and the materials they used are excellent. Each shield is cut specifically for the type of device it is designed to work with. For example, on my mobile phone, the shield is cut perfectly to fit around the camera, microphone, and home button. Expert Shield designers have obviously done their homework and have created something simple, functional, and elegant.

Some of my bias against screen protectors has come from the Nikon plastic screen protector that is included with the purchase of the camera. Over the years, I’ve found that not only does dust tend to accumulate behind the cover, but I also tend to lose the covers in the field. So, I stopped using the Nikon covers all together, starting with my first digital SLR back in 2004. Since I stopped using the plastic covers, I’ve never broken or scratched a DSLR screen, but I’ve always been a little nervous about the potential. The Expert Shield screen protectors take away that worry and I’m confident they will do a good job preventing scratches and damage.

Recently, I took a Nikon D800 with the Expert Shield on a hike to test how the screen protector would perform in the field. I wanted to see if the view on the camera’s LCD screen was as clear as they said it would be, even in situations where it would get grimy from nose oil and trail dust. My experience with the Expert Shield in the real world was much better than I expected. In fact, I was downright surprised that the product performed exactly as they said it would. The shield was invisible to the naked eye and I couldn’t detect any difference in clarity when reviewing images on the back of my camera. I’m impressed with the product and recommend it to my readers. I give it a hearty Visual Adventures thumb’s up!

Here’s the video I shot of the product while hiking along Mt. Teneriffe in Washington State.

Expert Shield Screen Protector Field Review from Mike Hagen on Vimeo.

Expert Shield offers offer free shipping on their products, and they are warranted for life. The units I tested retail for $10.95 each.

Order your own Expert Shield products here:

Nikon D800 Expert Shield

Nikon D600 Expert Shield

Expert Shield website

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