Cuba on the Horizon: The Caribbean’s Hidden Biological Treasure

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Cuba coral reefs



In preparation for our upcoming photography trip to Cuba, I’ve been posting news and articles related to the cultural, political and natural aspects of this island nation. Here’s a short article from my colleague, Alethea Paradis regarding the status of the little-known coral reefs off of the Cuban shores.

The upside of minimal economic growth since 1959? Pristine environmental beauty. Cuba’s coral reefs, coastal regions and jungles are home to the most diverse range of species in the Caribbean. Unlike most of the islands in the warm-water region, Cuba’s coastal gems have been spared the ravages of over-fishing, pollution and habitat destruction which invariably accompanies economic development. Cuba’s slow-to-act government agencies and cultural commitment to scientific exploration work together – paradoxically – to keep their environment in a state of preservation: natural equilibrium, by inertia. As access to the island increases for Americans, and the potential end to the U.S. embargo against Cuba looms ominously in the future, economic boom could mean environmental bust for the natural habitat. “You always have this feeling that it’s about to change—that you’ll be the last one there before it explodes,” observes travel writer Julian Smith. Read the full article and see the beautiful images from the Nature Conservancy June/July 2014 issue

Written by Alethea Tyner Paradis
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    “The odds were definitely against me, for sure,” Simms said. “I knew that going into it. But as I got more reps and as I did good things with those reps, my confidence grew. That allowed me to play a little bit looser. When you’re out there having fun and not really thinking, for some reason bad things don’t seem to happen as much. I wasn’t stressing as much either. I was enjoying myself.”

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    Barilla – one of the best known pasta brands around theworld – is one of Italy’s biggest advertisers, and for manyyears has used the image of a happy family living in anidealised version of the Italian countryside, with the slogan:”Where there’s Barilla, there’s home”.

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    Though Rohingya scholars contend their presence dates back centuries, British colonialists triggered a mass influx when they ruled all of modern-day India, Bangladesh and Myanmar and erased historical borders. Starting in the early 19th century, waves of Bengali Muslims were guided to Myanmar, then called Burma, to toil fields or serve as second-tier bureaucrats.

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    By listening to recordings of 1,000 calls, Ward and colleagues learned that males are indeed forced to trade off call duration and call rate. That is, males that produce relatively longer calls only do so at relatively slower rates.

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    Cost was a key factor for Cailin Heinze, a veterinary nutritionist and professor at Tufts University who closed on a home in Northborough, Mass., in May. “My rent was already ridiculous for a two-bedroom, and it was going to go up another $200,” she says. “I thought, if I buy now, this is probably the lowest interest rate that is probably going to be around for the foreseeable future.”

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    Earlier this month, the company began a Kickstarter campaign aimed at crowdfunding $1 million of the $7 million needed to carry out the rest of the season. The three remaining productions scheduled for 2013-14 are to be canceled if the goal is not met. To continue to 2014-15, an additional $13 million would be needed.

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    At the Tramontin boatyard – known as a “squero” in Venetian dialect – gondola builder Roberto Tramontin explains why the family business founded by his great-grandfather in 1884 still makes the classic boat.

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    The Galaxy thought they played well most of the first half. LA midfielder Pablo Mastroeni, returning to face the team he'd been with the past 11 and a half years, called it a “stalemate” until Hendry's goal, and the halftime conversation in LA's locker room focused on starting the second half strong.

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    A profile of Brent on the Humane Society’s website says he has lived at Chimp Haven since 2006 and “paints only with his tongue. His unique approach and style, while a little unorthodox, results in beautiful pieces of art.”

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    He continued: “And keeping America in tension and anticipation only costs a few disparate attacks here and there, meaning as we defeated it in the gang warfare in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, so we should follow it with that war on its own land . . .

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    Meran, who effectively runs Conwert, will step back fromoperations and hand over to a new chief executive in the fourthquarter after criticism of his dual role, including from majorshareholder Hans Peter Haselsteiner.

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    To investigate that claim, researchers from Boston University looked at the relationship between gun ownership and gun homicides from 1981-2010 in all 50 states. They found a “robust correlation” between the two factors.

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    Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn accused Holder of trying to go around the high court. “This decision has nothing to do with protecting voting rights and everything to do with advancing a partisan political agenda,” Cornyn said. 

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